Thursday, April 26, 2018

Ian EAGLE announcing the Cleveland Cavaliers game-Iron Eagle Film-Golden Gate Bridge

I turned on the Cavs vs Pacers game when I got home tonight but the game was already over. When I turned it on though it had the announcers and I noticed one of the guys was named "Ian EAGLE". 
There's more I could talk about such as Lebron making the game winner to win the game 98-95....98+95=193..
193 the 44th prime number. 
Lebron Scores 44 points and so on..
98 also an important number to the NBA and Lebron...

Anyway I just want to point out the guy announcing named EAGLE. 
Notice he turned 49 years old this year. 

He also hosts a NBA satellite radio show with Kenny Smith...The former Rocket. 

His birthday oddly enough is 111 days before the NBA Finals Begin. 
The NBA Finals=111
Cleveland Cavaliers=111

I've never seen the Iron Eagle films...or at least all the way through or remember them enough....I need to go back and watch them now..

Look at this though....the first Iron Eagle is 117 minutes long and came out on 1/17. 
It's a fictional story in regards to the 1981 Gulf of Sidra incident. 
Golden Gate Bridge=81, 81(rev red)
81 the big bridge number in General. 

The main character in the Iron Eagle films of course born on 5/27 and is 81 years old right now. 
5/27 this year will be the 81st anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge being opened. 

Maybe I don't even need to watch the film after all. Pretty sure I see what I'm supposed to with this synchronicity of seeing a guy named "Ian Eagle"...If I get enough time(which I probably won't) I'll check out the film. 

I swear I posted this last night(4/25), but I guess I didn't push publish. 

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