Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spammed Post about Flipper-An Eagle on the Cover I didn't see before

I'm still getting spammed on this old Flipper post almost everyday. 
A week ago I noted a bunch of stuff in regards to Twins with this post..also the album "Love" by Flipper in regards to Valentines..Link to Post
Anyway looking at it yet again I noticed something I didn't before...the post begins with me looking at the "American Grafishy" album....I never noticed the EAGLE eating the the dead Fish in the picture before. The dead fish I talked about possibly being the end of Pisces and the entrance into Aquarius...

It's funny thinking about the film EAGLE EYE and how they can see everything a person does. The film is also about TWINS. 
I wonder if there's something to do with Eagle Eye Cherry as well...

Who knows just wanted to post about the Eagle I didn't see before. 

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  1. I remember your original Flipper post. It's kind of funny, because I just went through my closet and was getting rid of clothes, and I was torn whether or not I should keep my Flipper shirt.