Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Andre Ingram's standout Debut for the Los Angeles Lakers-Magic Johnson-Rockets-Isaiah Thomas Riddle

This story comes 32 weeks before Andre's 33rd bday. He gets his first NBA playing time age 32. 
He is known for being the G League leader in three pointers...
G League=32
Notice how he scored the 32nd point making the score 32-32 as well.
He was brought up by Magic Johnson who is all about 32...
Wore # 32
His rookie season was the Lakers 32nd season. 
He announced his HIV age 32. 
He came out of retirement and played 32 games. 
Luke Walton also drafted as the 32nd pick and wore # 32 when he was a Cavalier. 

This story comes 135 days before Kobe Bryant's bday. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=135

Andre gets his first playing time on 4/10 or 10/4. 
Andre Ingram=59, 67(rev red), 104
Los Angeles Lakers=67, 175
They were playing the Houston Rockets..
Houston Rockets=59, 175(reverse)
Remember Magic Johnson finished his career against the Rockets as well. 

Also remember there is a big riddle with Magic Johnson and the Houston Rockets. The last time the Rockets won the NBA Finals was against Shaq's MAGIC team. Also the first time they won was the same year Detroit Piston Isaih Thomas tore his achilles. Magic's best friend is Isaih Thomas...Now the new Isaiah Thomas plays for the Lakers. He was connected to the King symbolism when his sister died. Then we got Demarcus Cousins tearing his achilles vs the Rockets this year....Also the fight with Rondo who also played for the Kings at one time...Rondo played for the Pelicans at the time of the fight just like Demarcus Cousins...The only thing that makes me question this is the fact Kobe tore his achilles against the Warriors....
Remember we had the death of Kenny Smith's mother last year as well..think about Barkley(Rockets), and Shaq(Magic).....I really think it's for the Rockets to make the Finals this year...but then again comparing it to the Super Bowl it could be for a team like the Pelicans...Cousins injured and no one thinks they have a chance.. Curry hurt as well....we will see what the narrative turns out to be and learn more from it regardless. 
Also Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans....Rondo played college at Kentucky under Tubby Smith who went to Great Mills High School where Austin Wyatt Rollins shot up. His real name is "Orlando" however reminding us of the Rockets again...
Golden State=175
Detroit Pistons=175
Houston Rockets=175
Los Angeles Lakers=175

Another piece I think is Isaiah Thomas' also being called IT like "IT" the Clown....Lebron James was IT was Halloween and so on...

Also the article refers to Ingram as the "Moonlight Graham" from Field of Dreams in the NBA...
Once again reminding us of the Space theme....but also remember Field of Dreams was predictive programming for the 1989 Earthquake World Series because of Moonlight Graham. 
Also Kobe wins the Oscar this year....if you recall last year a big movie at the Oscars was the film "MOONLIGHT"....
Remember all the 34 with Kobe and the Oscars as well....Andre Ingrams game was a loss to the Rockets leaving the Lakers on 34 wins. 

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  1. Dan, before Kobe retired he did an interview where he said that he was starting a Production Company (Kobe Studios). Andre Graham wearing #20 and Kobe had a 20 year career in the NBA. This was definitely "SCRIPTED" especially with the media comparing Graham to a character from
    "Field Of Dreams". Maybe this is one of Kobe's film projects, which connects to our "Reality Show"/"Order Out Of Chaos President. Who brought his scripted reality show ("The Apprentice") to the "White House". It's very strange because when you google "Andre Graham" you get "Andre L Graham" who was executed by lethal injection for "DOUBLE' murder (Twin Reference)in "ChesterFIELD County, VIRGINIA" that took place in either October or November 1993? The D-League player is from "Richmond, Virginia" and was born in November(11/19/1985).

    "Andre L Graham"=612(The article states that he worked in Richmond)

    "Kobe Studios"=140-English Ordinal(140/410, 4/10-The date GraHAM made is debut as a Laker)
    "The Apprentice"=140-English Ordinal
    "Kobe Studios"=610(61)-The Divisors sum to "1116"
    "Kevin Costner"=61
    "Double Murder"=1116(The #"6" is the #"9" upside down)
    Graham's birthday is 11/19 or 1119 (1119/1116)

    "Kobe Studios"=85(Graham was born in "85")
    "Reality Television"=85
    "White House"=185