Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Villanova wins another championship for Philadelphia-Mikal BRIDGES

So the team with a "Bridges" player wins the March Madness tournament that started the same day as a Bridge Collapse in Miami. (Or same day the main 64 started also same day Villanova and Michigan both played in the first round). 
Notice Mikal Bridges was born in Philadelphia. He also plays at Villanova which is in Philadelphia.  A place that I have been saying is connected to a Bridge Collapse. Of course all the announcers kept mentioning at the end was how the Philadelphia Eagles just won the Super Bowl too. It's never happened since the Super Bowl began that a team from the same town won the SB and the College Tournament. 

Mikal Bridges=214(Reverse)....Valentines 2/14...
Villanova=36, 108, 135(reverse)
Golden Gate Bridge=135
The Key of David=135

Interesting too that, 
Villanova Wildcats=107(rev red)

Super Bowl was on 2/4....now Villanova wins on 4/2. 

Today is 150 days before Mikal Bridges bday...
Philadelphia Eagles=150
Remember Pope Francis visited Philadelphia 863 days before the Eagles won the Super bowl. 
863 the 150th prime number. 
Pope Francis is the big connection to Bridges....
Villanova the Catholic University...

Villanova wins 2 years 6 months 6 days after the 266th Pope visited/left Philadelphia on the Jesuit anniversary. 
2nd prime is 3...6th prime is 13.....3/13 like the day Pope Francis became the Pope. 

Villanova wins on Pope Francis' 5th year 21st day as Pope. 
Stock Market=521(satanic)...we got yet another big drop today. 

Today also 187 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
Society of Jesus=187
Pope Francis the first Jesuit Pope. 

Donte DiVincenzo won the MOP of the game. 
Today is also 61 days after his bday. 
Philadelphia=61(rev red)


  1. Philadelphia=521

    521 weeks after 2008 NCAA Championship which was in in San Antonio

    Alabama ✔✔✔

    So far both won the title 728 days after their last title and if cavs win in game 7 it'll be 728 days after last title


    1. Divincenzo birthday 61 days ago

      Sixty one=131

      National Championship was 57 days after Superbowl 52

      Fifty seven=131

      Philadelphia ended a 57 year title drought for the Eagles

  2. hmm... i verified that 728 days, pretty crazy really.
    so this is a dan kinda thing...
    i google 728.
    this is the first sentence in the wiki for the year 728 - King Liutprand of the Lombards occupies all of the Exarchate of Ravenna...
    now, i JUST re-read pattern recognition by william gibson book that uses the acronym lombard that stands for Lots of Money But a Real Dickhead...
    i was having trouble falling asleep and so i started a book called ninefox gambit... which uses the word, Hexarchate, which i had never heard of and actually tried to look up and got no results, which makes sense cuz its a made up thing...
    thats just... what are the odds on that?

    1. so i turn on the tv.
      i have never watched even one episode of the big bang theory.
      its on the same station as the villanova game apparently cuz that is what is on...
      brother berg made that post about teen wolf and jeremy white has been all over lupercalia and dan b is always about big bang...
      the name of the episode is 'the werewolf transformation'


  3. I see why Divincenzo got a monster game dude was everywhere

    Donte Divincenzo #10


    1/31 Birthday (Pederson birthday)
    61 days after his birthday

    Sixty one=131

    Donte Divincenzo=1515
    Thirty three=1515

    Total points 141 (62-79)
    Thirty three=141
    Final Four=141

    Michigan coach stayed on 541 wins (29 years after their first title)

    Thirty three=541

    Michigan Wolverines stayed undefeated at 29-0 when Duncan Robinson scores more than 6 points ( 0 points in 22 mins)

    Michigan Wolverines=109
    109 is 29th prime

    Michigan last loss came 10 days before Year of Dog (Feb 6) 55 days before Championship


    Sidenote that loss for Michigan came on 13th anniversary of Pats vs Eagles Superbowl 39


    Streak began on 2/11 (Vatican City Day) 50 days streak lasted for Wolverines


    2008- 2018 Championship span of 521 weeks


    Superbowl 52 & National Championship total of 215 points combined...Philadelphia area code 215