Thursday, April 5, 2018

Recent Deaths of People I know-My cousins wedding-New York Yankees-Chicago Cubs all connected to my old info

I've had so much going lately. I've been working full time at my job and then have  had band gigs and DJ gigs on my days off. Also this weekend my cousin Timmy ended up getting married. They were supposed to be married in the fall but his dad is sick and his fiance's dad isn't doing too well. Also her mom just found out she has cancer so they upped the wedding. Unfortunately I had a DJ gig so I didn't get to stay the whole night, I was just in the wedding and stayed around as long as I could before having to leave. Also my cousin Ryan(The only Eagles Fan I know and from Miami area) came back for the Wedding. 
Anyway what's strange is the day they moved their wedding to one of my moms cousins died. It's also Timmy's dads cousin as well. They weren't really close with him, but we all knew him and they used to own the Dairy Sweet in town. So I just thought it was odd. 

Tom Murphy=149
He died 149 days after his bday. 

What gets me the most in regards to Tom's death is that Ray Nauroth died just days after. Ray is the guy I've documented about before as he was the oldest living bartender who worked at the Gold Slipper. Youtube Taking down my banner-Ray Nauroth-Michigan
Interesting I talked about my first Michigan in that post as well, and Ray dies the same day Michigan loses to Villanova. 
I had just talked about Ray at work on Easter Sunday to another old guy named Berle too, and then Ray dies the next day. 
What's even stranger is that I heard Ray was fine on Saturday and then got sick out of nowhere. They put him in the nursing home in the same room Tom Murphy died in and then he died in that room as well. 

Ray Nauroth=129  He was born on 12/9. 
Dairy Sweet=129(Business Tom Owned)
Last night too in regards to death.....Claire had a breakdown because they were learning about the Flag at school.  It reminded her of her uncle Jim who died in November and she cried and cried about not getting to spend enough time with him. 
Claire Cowgill=129
Uncle Jim=129(reverse)
Another reason this 129 sticks out is because my friend Pam used to bartend along side Ray for years. 
Pam Melby=129(reverse)

Also I didn't put it in my post about the film "Wonder" because I wasn't quite for sure until today. The film is about a boy they call "Auggie"...While watching it my girlfriend said, "Who names their kid Auggie Anyway?" I said that's funny cause I know a guy they call Augie and he used to own a club made for teenagers to hang out. Then the next day at work I saw the guy who owned the place. I wasn't for sure it was him until the ladies at work today told me he lives in Dunlap now. They told me who his granddaughter was and the guy I thought was him was with her. I haven't seen that guy in probably 15 years....So once again...I talk about this guy and then the next day I see him for the first time years. 

Ray dies 114 days after his 106th bday. This stands out to me for a few reasons. First the Gold Slipper where he bartended was really connected to my Uncle Barney who died on 1/14/2017. Remember he was connected to the Cubs winning the World Series getting their 114th win in the 114th season being called the Cubs. They also had the first "Tie"=114 since the year 2005 when the Astros tied 114 days before making the World Series and losing the the Chicago White Sox. It was synced up to the Hoboken Train Wreck where 114 people were injured and much more. Hoboken where the first ever  baseball game supposedly played on 10/6/1845. 
Also I just re-mentioned a lot of this in regards to the Bridge Symbolism with Chris Christie and Bridgegate. 

There's also this picture of him that someone posted on Facebook where he's wearing a "Cub" uniform. (2nd from left in Back)
So interesting in regards to the Stoneman Douglas stuff being connected to the Cubs as well...

Ray also dies 8 months 8 days(end date) before his 107th bday..
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
Anthony Rizzo born on 8/8 and so on...

Des Moines Register Ray Article
Ray loved baseball and the Yankees, just to prove this I posted the Des Moines Register article above. 
Anyway, I figured I'd look up the if the Yankees played the day he died. Notice the Yankees game against the "RAYS" was postponed the day RAY died. It was 114 days after his bday....this year is the 114th World Series. I'll remember this is the Yankees make the WS this year. 
Notice the Yankees then won 11-4 the very next day too. 

There's for sure a riddle I'm supposed to see? I wonder if Tom Murphy followed baseball and what his favorite team was? 
Thomas Murphy=57(rev red)
Ray Nauroth=57(rev red)
World Series=57
Also Ray dying on 4/2 is fitting for him being the World's oldest Bartender..

Funny too last year I was documenting a bunch of stuff in regards to Fathers symbolism and talked a lot about the Yankees being connected to the Jesuits/Priests/Fathers....I even documented some synchronicity with Claire and Pam....
Ray Michael Nauroth=192
Dennis Michael Behrendt=192(My dad)
Zamien James Behrendt=192(My son)
I know it might be confusing to someone new, but all of this is interrelated into a lot of my recent posts. There's something more going on with it that I'm not seeing at this time...

Even the death of Stephen Hawking I'm pretty sure was showing us the Yankees. Lou Gehgrig played for the Yankees and even played in 2 World Series with the Yankees against the Cubs. 
The first being in 1932 with Babe Ruth's famous called HR. The other was 1938. 

Also think about how Stoneman Douglas was a big riddle with the Cubs/Chicago(St. Valentines Massacre)..then the Cubs open their season against Miami where Stoneman Douglas is....Also Miami the Back to the Future team that gets swept by the Cubs....I just talked about Rocky Dennis being played by the original Marty McFly....
Rocky Balboa=192
Miami=220(satanic)...documenting as this number is really important to Trump/Jesuits/Pope Francis

Also interesting I posted about Ray on 1/3 which was 1 year 3 days(end date) before he died. 
2005 is important to my Uncle/The Cubs/Houston....Remember my Uncle went to a Cubs game on 8/8/2005 for his wedding anniversary. The Cubs played Cincinnati who in 2005 was the team Houston "Tied" 114 days before the WS. Now this year Houston wins the World Series and the Eagles who lost in the SB in 2005 won the SB in 2018. 
Anyway 2005 was also the year Pope John Paul II died on 4/ exactly 13 years before Ray dies...1 year 3 days after I post about him on 1/3. Remember my Uncle Barney also went and saw Pope Benedict who became Pope in 2005 and will posssibly die this year. After he saw the Pope his wife won $250K on a lottery ticket...
John Paul II visited with Iowa Parishoners for 42 minutes when Bishop Dingman was the Bishop...Dingman born on 4/2 then John Paul II dies on 4/2. 

Also the Stoneman Douglas crap with 17....17 victims....17 minutes leaving school...I found out I have some fans while at the bar the night before Timmy's wedding(3/30). I started telling them how Stoneman Douglas was synced up to the Cubs. They told me the Cubs opened the season against Miami which I didn't know. They then talked about the 17 inning game and I said, "you see exactly, you just showed me something I didn't know and it's connected to what I'm talking about." The Cubs have a tribute to SD and then go 17 innings against Miami oh the odds... Haha awesome, I'm listening to the Gematria effect right now and some one is calling in about this now....He said it was a 17 year old SD survivor who threw the first pitch. There were 17 seconds of silence to remember the 17 victims before the game. The game was scoreless until # 17 Kris Bryant hit his first HR of the season. The game winning hit in the 17th inning was by Miguel Rojas 1 month 7 days after his bday. There was more, I'll try and record a video clip of it tomorrow as my webcam is downstairs right now....Thanks too as I know you commented earlier on one of the blog posts. I've got some great comments lately, I just have so much trouble responding I gave up on the blog a long time ago. 
Chicago Cubs=46
When my Uncle died I mentioned how there was something important to 1317....I talked about Dan Marino # 13 and Tannehill # 17....My Ray post was on 1/3/17 even....
Daniel Edward Behrendt=1317(Jewish)
Then we just got the Youtube shooting 13 miles from San Francisco in Youtube's 13th year that began on Valentines Day...
The 6th prime is 13... The 7th prime is 17.....67?
Valentines=67...Cubs win 67 weeks before SDouglas shooting...Rizzo's bday 6 months 7 days before Valentines..."Nikolas Cruz"=67...19 years old...19th prime is 67 and so on....

Look Kris Bryant got 1 run in the 3rd. Then Starlin Castro got 1 run in the 3rd for the Marlins...13....Then it went 13 scoreless innings until the 17th inning...
Notice Castro also # 13...Bryant # 17...

Starlin Castro previously played for the Cubs and then the Yankees before Miami haha...

Sorry about the post as I don't know how to organize it, but I know it's all connected and I want to document as much as I can for further reference. 
One last thought....Ray got a Hole in One on # 7 at the age of 92 years old in 2003. In my post about Ray I talked about how my best friends brother died in the same car we took to my first Michigan game in 2003. Then his brother died on 5/11/2004. The car was a "Saturn"=511(Jewish)....Anyway his brother(15 years old) also got a hole in one on # 7 and I remember after he died the pin on # 7 got knocked over by wind but no other pin did according the the greenskeeper...who is my aunt Karol who is Timmy's(wedding) mom. Timmy now takes care of the Golf Course as his mom partially retired....I can't find the all time record of the Cubs vs the Yankees, but I saw an article saying the Cubs played the Yankees for the first time since 1938 at Wrigley in 2003.....2003 World Series the Yankees lost to the Marlins...2003 also the year of the Steve Bartman incident against the Marlins. 

Interesting I found this article too that says the Yankees will Defeat the Cubs in the WS this year. Possibly nothing but I wasn't even looking for this and it came up. I forgot that Aroldis Chapman is a Yankee again as well so there is a riddle...


  1. The Yankees single season win record is also 114 games.

  2. If the Cubs win 100 games in the reg season and then win the WS they would finish with 111 wins, New York=111. It would also be their 10,903rd franchise win, which is the 1,326th prime and kind of like 193, the 44th prime. Rizzo is #44