Thursday, April 19, 2018

Death of my Uncle Clancy on 4/17-Earthquake-Bridge sybolism-211-Death of Barbara Bush

My Uncle Clancy died yesterday on 4/17. 
The first thing I found interesting was that it was on the 107th day of the year. As much as I've blogged about Earthquakes and Bridges this is interesting. 
It was also 6 months 24 days after my grandma died....I'm not sure of the significance yet, but 624 is something I'm supposed to see. 

Notice he died 6 months 24 days before my bday too. 
Remember my Grandma died 1 months 17 days before my bday...then my son was born on 1/17 and a bunch of other stuff. 

Anyway after realizing this today at work I put a pizza in the secondary oven while cleaning the primary one. I pushed the start button and waited as sometimes it doesn't turn on correctly....what I noticed is that the time starts at 6:24 on that oven...So trying to figure out the 624, but not quite sure yet...
I see "Clancy"=624(rev sumerian).....

I also find it interesting that he died 159 days after my bday. 
Clancy Murphy=159
Grandma Murphy=159(died on Eagle St)
Ryan Murphy=159(His son..the only Eagles fan I know)

It can't be coincidence that Barbara Bush dies the same day as Clancy and her bday was 6/8 which is the 159th day of the year. 
Of Course 68 a big number around George Bush and 9/11, but I'm not gonna retype all that....I just want to point out...
Donald John Trump=68
Donald Trump=159(reverse)
Remember the Stock Market Crash stuff connected to the Super Bowl was important to 159 as well. "Francis Key=159=Herbert Hoover and so on)
Also since a lot of the things I've documented go back to Old 2015/16 I documented multiple times that..
Pope Francis=68(s)
Prince Charles=68
Barack Obama=68
6/8 is even 57 days before Obama's 57th bday this year. 

What's also interesting is the first time I mentioned Clancy on this blog was on 2/11..2017. I was talking about him being at my Grandma's and how the Super Bowl was connected to his sons and the death of my Uncle. Also my sister living on Falcon Avenue...I pointed out the 159's above. (This year I found out my sisters business is Eagles Acres and my Grandma died on Eagle Street)

Anyway last night I went to Clancy's house and stayed until about 1am drinking and talking. I was drinking Steel Reserve(211)...towards the end of the night for whatever reason I brought up the fact it was made for black people(haha seriously just as I typed Black people Zach just said Black people on the Gematria Effect). ...Anyway I said, Look at the symbol on here that supposedly references the ancient symbol for Steel...but it looks like a "211". I told them how 2/11 is the 42nd day and it was a 42 ounce bottle, not just the typical 40 ounce. I went on to tell them all the 42 stuff...Now I'm seeing the first post I made about Clancy was on 2/11?  
Also I see "Clancy Murphy"=211(Francis Bacon)

He also died at University of Nebraska Medical Center that's just off 42nd Street in Omaha. 

Also with the Death of my Grandma I see I documented a bunch about 211 too. Timmy is Clancy's son..
Remember how last year with all of the Houston Rockets stuff I talked about how Timmy and I believe Ryan too was a Rockets Fan? I talked about Timmy in regards to the death of my best friends brother(Kirk Allen Sturgill=211) in a Saturn(car) on 5/11....the same Saturn I took to my first ever Michigan Football game that just so happened to be against HOUSTON. Also Barbara Bush died in Houston...
Clancy died 44 days before the NBA Finals Begin...
Earthquake=44, 107
My grandma's bday was also 2 months 11 days before OUR neighbor died on the 211th day of they year at a place that equaled "211". The day of my Grandma's funeral I went to the Bar and talked about how I got inspired to look up Henry Ford that had all sorts of 211 around him. 

He also dies 72 days after the Super Bowl on 4/2 or 2/4...
Remember how much I kept saying there is something special to "72" with my son and more...
Seventy Two=42
Steel Reserve=72(s) and 72(rev red)
Steel Reserve 42 Ounce Bottle
Read the link above where I talked about the Steel Reserve and how it's connected to the BRIDGE Symbolism and Freemasonry(Builders). 
211 is the 47th prime number...Just interesting as Zach has mentioned a lot about the "47" stuff lately. "What is 47? and so on..

Also the 72 names of God in Kabbalah...
In regards to the Moon symbolism...Thoth wins 1/72nd of each of the Moons light which creates 5 days of light(360 day calendar). Go figure right as I type Calendar the replay of Gematria Effect I'm listening to says "Calendar" on a commercial. 
During the 5 days Nut and Geb Conceived children Osiris, Isis, Set and others. 
Just interesting that this is supposedly the reason for  the 365 day calendar....taking it off of the "Circle" 360 degrees..

Many other special 72's that are interrelated such as the 72 demons sealed away by Solomon(Freemasonry).  

I'm sure there will be more to this when I get more info.This one hurts as I spent a lot of time and have many memories with him. Not that I didn't love my other uncles, but for sure had the biggest connection to Clancy out of all of them. 

I know there will be a connection to sports and he was the Biggest Chicago Bears Fan I know. Also hated Cutler which is interesting in regards to him going to the Dolphins..that was big in the death of Uncle Barney and connected to his son Ryan....

Also biggest Nebraska Cornhusker Hater I know-Probably in the world. We used to just have Husker hate parties at his house every Saturday lol. Perfect that they had a terrible season last year too. Also Scott Frost connected to the Moon symbolism and the Huskers connected to Teen Wolf/Valentines....

In regards to Earthquake too...Remember my Uncle Mike died the same day as the Philadelphia Trainwreck(5/12/15)...512(front and back) The same day we got the Aftershock in Nepal of the Quake that killed 9,000 and injured 23,000. (trainwreck at 9:23 and so on). The San Francisco earthquake in 1906 began at 5:12 and so on....see previous posts...

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