Monday, April 9, 2018

Canadian Hockey Bus Crash-Muenster-Denver Broncos-The Munsters

I'm just now looking at this bus crash story out of Saskatchewan...
My first thought is that Roddy Piper was also from Saskatchewan...
Anyway the first thing I notice while reading about this story is that this team had a close affiliation with St. Petersburg College in MUENSTER, Saskatchewan...
We get this bus crash the day before a van attack in MUENSTER, Germany? 
Wikipedia only lists 4 things even when searching Muenster. 
Humboldt, Saskatchewan=220, 320(reverse) also 920(satanic)
Both numbers I've been mentioning...
Remember the Muenster, Germany attack killed 3 and injured 20. 

Even the mayor of Humboldt's name is suspicious....

This happened near Armley on 4/6 or 6/4. 
Armley, Saskatchewan=64, 199
46th prime number is 199. 
Humboldt Broncos=64
Junior Hockey=64
Denver Broncos=64....remember just before SB 50 the Broncos bus crashed into a motorcycle..It was super synced to Civil Rights..
civil rights=64 and so on..

I bet anything there is a connection to the tv show "The Munsters" that came out in 64'. 
Butch Patrick is 64 years old...
Beverly PRIEST....

Interesting Butch Patrick also has ties to the Philadelphia Eagles. He moved there in 2010 to marry a former Eagles Cheerleader..

I'll look more tomorrow, I keep falling asleep. 

The Addams Family came out just a week before the Munsters in 1964 too. It aired 64 episodes....

There was a crash in 86' as well involving a hockey team in the same area. 
Swift Current Broncos relocated to Swift Current in 86' as well. 

Nipawin=86(where the Humboldt team was going)

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