Monday, April 23, 2018

Death of Mini-Me-Austin Bombings-Moon-Madonna loses Tupac Auction-Toronto Van Attack

Right away when I saw this I thought about Will Ferrell's recent car crash. Verne Troyer and Ferrell both in Austin Powers...I'm not fully putting it together but I guarantee there is something to it....

Anyway I figured since they really want us to see AUSTIN Powers it's probably connected to the WWE somehow. 
Look at that..Verne Troyer guest General Managed Monday Night Raw once in 2009. He put The Miz into a match against Mark Henry...of call people...Mark Henry the guy who knew a victim of the Austin bombings...
Video on the Austin Bombings connected to the WWE

Also the Austin Powers Films are interesting as they have a Space/Moon aspect in them. Austin even fights Mini-Me in the Moon Lair...

Also they parody Will Smith with Just the Two of Us....Smith the Philadelphia native...
Notice the single released on 7/20....the day the Eagle landed on the Moon. 

In Goldmember they parody "Hard Knock Life" the Jay Z version...notice this single came out on 10/27 which is Philadelphia's anniversary. 

Mini-Me is also the clone of Dr. Evil who is Austin Powers TWIN. 

I'm actually lacking a bit on this death as I have honestly never watched "Goldmember". I've also never read or watched any of the Harry Potter books and movies in which Troyer is a character. 
Brother Berg's Post-Toronto Maple Leafs-Mini Me Sacrifice
Brother Berg has some awesome recent posts in regards to this death and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now today we get another Van Ramming Story this time in Toronto. Remember the last Van ramming was in Muenster, Germany a day after the Candadian Hockey Bus Crash. The Bus Crash team was affiliated with a college in Muenster, Saskatchewan. In that post I mentioned how the previous Van Attack was in Sweden. I mentioned the connection to Muenster Cheese and Swiss Cheese. I just find it interesting as another recent celebrity death was that of Avicii who was from Stockholm, Sweden. 
Also just the other day at work I was talking about EAGLE Eye Cherry who is also from Sweden. 

I also doubt it coincidence we are getting a story of Madonna losing a legal battle over a Tupac auction today. 

Madonna's song "Beautiful Stranger" is all about Austin Powers...and think about Mini Me and Dr. Evil in prison with their bandana's like Tupac. 

To add even more to it...Tupac dated Madonna and broke up 1994. Then while he was in prison he wrote a letter saying he broke up with because she was white. 

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  1. Nice Work Dan! Tupac(PAC-man/RATPAC) another "Illuminati Puppet" of the 90's injected into society to influence and brainwash the mind's of the youth. As well as "Madonna" and her sexual promiscuous lyrics. She once dated "Dennis Keith Rodman"(NBA) in a scripted predictive programming relationship. Rodman did a stint as a Wrestler, he is 56 yrs old and he went to school in TEXAS"(AUSTIN TX/AUSTIN Powers). Mind Control"=56.

    "Dennis Rodman"=614(6/14 Trumps Birthday)
    "Madonna Louise Ciccone"=185 -The 185th prime is 1103(113)
    Madonna in the news on the 113th day of the year.
    "Donald John Trump"=185
    "Madonna Louise Ciccone"=423(4/23)