Monday, April 30, 2018

Larry Harvey found of Burning Man dies age 70

Yet another story connected to San Francisco. The founder of the Burning Man dies on 4/28. 

He dies 107 days after his bday. 

He also died 10 months 7 days after the anniversary of the first Burning Man. 

Also remember the other death we got in 2017 of the guy running into the fire? 

Larry Harvey dies 238 days(end date) after Aaron Joel Mitchell died in the fire at last years Burning Man. 
Mitchell died on 9/3..."Saturn"=93
The Sun supposedly 93 million miles away. 
Jesus crucified on the cross supposedly on the 4/3 the 93rd day..
Crucifix=93....God's Son/Sun
Zach's blog post
I remember looking at this story but I must not have blogged about it. Zach has a great post on it above. 

This year the burning man festival begins on the 238th day of the year. 

238 was a number I have noticed with the "Race" stuff. Such as when Alton Sterling died they kept telling us that Baton Rouge has a population on 238,000 and they shortened the Philando Castile video on CNN to 2:38. 
The 238th day is also when the Bridgewater Shooting happened. 
The Philadelphia Trainwreck had 238 passengers...

Interesting it says Mitchell was living in Switzerland....just been documenting some stuff in regards to Switzerland lately...

It's also fitting for him to die age 70....
The Burning Man averages 70,000 participants. 

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