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Comment on Video from 2014-Chris Farley Japanese Game Show Skit-Bob Dylan-San Francisco-Philadelphia-Bridge-Earthquake

This is the type of stuff I am talking about. Possibly I am just missing something, but I don't understand why this person would leave this comment on this video? It's from October 28th 2014 and I mentioned how the Chris Farley skit was odd that the answer was "88(hachi Ju Hachi)" in Japanese. The question was just the numbers 70, 100, 88 and a Japanese mans name...The answer ended up being 88. 

I get the reference as I was asking why is it "88" which was a number I was following like crazy at the time of making that video. Basically they are saying the answer is right in front of my face, or it's an answer that we will never truly know no matter how much we look. 
Still there is something I'm supposed to see with this...

Of course "Blowin in the Wind" was released on Bob Dylan's album "The Freewheelin Bob Dylan" that came out on May 27th....the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. 
I can't help but think about this song on the film Forrest Gump either. Remember Jenny sings this song naked...but she also has a big connection to San Francisco in the film. Even working with the Black Panthers who were created in the San Francisco Bay. 

San Francisco=413(Jewish)...this message comes on 4/13. 
It's also 44 days before the 81st anniversary of the GG Bridge opening. 
Earthquake=44, 107

When looking into the song It talks about the critic Michael Gray suggesting the lyrics are Dylan's incorporation of Biblical Rhetoric..It talks about how he's hinting to Ezekiel(12:1-2)...
This only stuck out to me because Zach recently posted about someone calling into the Gematria Effect and comparing him to Ezekiel. Also remember Zach thought that Bob Dylan would/will be a sacrifice for Super Bowl 52. 
Blowin in the Wind=82
Robert Zimmerman=82
Yellowhue Thirty=82
Jenny on Forrest Gump dies in 1982...Which is also the year I was born. I was born 82 days before my moms bday and my moms name equals 82(maiden and married name). ...
Jenny died 117 days(end date) before bday(born in 45')
Robert Allen Zimmerman=117(rev red)
Yellowhue=45, 117(reverse)
Bridge=45, 117(reverse)

Interesting the Book of Ezekiel also talks about a Future Earthquake...(Ezekiel 38:19)

Another thing I noticed is that the message I got was sent at 9:23pm. My video is 3:29 in length....the reflections but also 3/29 is the 88th day of the year. Remember the Philadelphia Train Wreck happened on 5/12/15...On this day we also got a huge aftershock Earthquake in Nepal. The previous one was on 4/25 and it supposedly killed 9,000 people and injured 23,000 people. The Trainwreck happened at 9:23pm....Anyway the point I'm making is that the Great San Francisco Earthquake in 1906 happened at will be 112 years ago in a few days..
San Francisco Earthquake=112
The worst East Coast earthquake was the 1886 Charleston Earthquake. It was located on 32.9N. 
Christopher Crosby Farley=333(reverse)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
Remember in 2015 I was talking about Philadelphia Earthquakes and how it was Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. 

Figure I might as well put this in here too. On Thursday at work I randomly noticed by boss was shaking one of these in her hand. All I saw was Philadelphia and here shaking it. I even said to her something about how she's causing an Earthquake in Philadelphia. It was just so random to see the word Philadelphia and her shaking it. Plus I recently just mentioned Philadelphia Cream Cheese in regards to the Muenster stuff. 

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  1. Good shit man. Your work is always filled with relevant info and a lot of "in your face" connections.