Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Another Earthquake in Central Nebraska-My Spam Email showing me WWE and Seismic Audio Speakers

Earlier tonight at work I was killing time and got on Facebook and saw there was yet another Earthquake in Central Nebraska. 
So now 5 Earthquakes in a matter of days and supposedly the average is 1 per year..
Stapleton, Nebraska=193
193 is the 44th prime number. 
Central Nebraska=144
Forty Four=144

Funnier yet I just wondered if there might be something in connection to the country singer Chris Stapleton so I looked him up. Notice his bday of 4/15 and this earthquake happened on 4/15 too. I honestly have no idea why he is important but he's the first person I thought of when seeing Stapleton...

Also this morning/afternoon before work I got a notification on my phone sending me to the the spam of my email. I thought it was interesting my first 2 messages are from the WWE Network and then SEISMIC Audio Speakers..


  1. Lots of 144's lately. I think it has to do with Israel. A lot of stuff going on there....

  2. from the toronto maple leafs twitter...

    "The crowd and everything, it just feels like an earthquake in your feet when you score."