Monday, April 9, 2018

2 Goats Stuck Under a Pennsylvania Bridge

Yet another story involving Bridges-Pennsylvania/Eagles...

I mean really how in the hell do 2 goats get stuck under a Bridge like that? It's just the most retarded thing and most people probably actually believe they just got their by themselves. 

Philadelphia Eagles=150
They beat the GOAT Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. 
Mahoning River Bridge=863(satanic)
863 the 150th prime number...
Pope Francis visited Philadelphia 863 days before the Eagles won.

Mahoning=81, 135(reverse)
Mahoning River=81
Mahoning River Bridge=117
Golden Gate Bridge=81, 81(rev red), 135

Thinking about Under the Bridge...I'm reminded of the Costa Rican Plane crash story that was showing us the Red Hot Chili Peppers....Also Kurt Cobain and the song Something in the Way..
Of course Courtney Love in "Conspiracy Theory" got Kurt Killed...Love is from San Francisco....Also the Steve Miller Band..."Fly Like an Eagle" is also from San Francisco...

If no major bridge collapses this year...this is what they are going to continue to do....put out ridiculous stories like this that involve bridges for some other narrative that I'm not seeing(other than the death of the Pope). 

This story happened on 4/3

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