Thursday, April 19, 2018

Weird happenings at work today-Bay Area Earthquke CNN story

So today at work without realizing the time I turned on the second oven to clean the other oven. I just so happened to turn it on at 2:11pm. This only stands out because I just documented how the timer starts at 6:24 and my uncle died 6 months 24 days after my grandma and 6 months 24 days before my bday. 
In that post though the primary number I was talking about was 211 and now the next day I randomly turn it on at 2:11. 

Later in the day I walked by the fryer and as I looked at it, there were 6 minutes 12 seconds left on whatever it was cooking. 
I just started laughing and talking to myself asking if I am right on the meaning of the 612 being associated with Revelation 6:12 and the Earthquake. Just after I asked this I looked up and saw ON on these buns. I thought why not make these signs easy to understand...does that mean Right ON or NO as it's the reflection of NO. 

Right after asking to make it easier I open the freezer and see the bag of Onion Chips sitting like this showing me "NO". 

So I'm standing there thinking about it. If It's not connected to what I'm thinking what could be the meaning. I kept saying to myself what does it mean?...What does it mean?...I then look up and see this box that says "MEAN Green". 

Keep in mind the last time I asked something like this, I got a YES to the Dodgers playing the Twins in the World Series from a George Lopez I still think It might be connected to what I am thinking. 

It was almost as if something was trying to make me lose the connection to Earthquakes today. I went to CNN later on my phone and I noticed an article about the Bay Area being overdue for a major earthquake....To me when they put a story like this out, it most likely isn't supposed to happen anytime that's why I'm saying it seems as if I was somehow trying to be led on.. if that makes sense lol. 

Look at the numbers in this story though...
The Hayward Fault has a major earthquake about every 150 years. The earthquake was a 6.8 in the year 68'. 
Interesting as I just mentioned the date of 6/8 with Barbara Bush and also the 6 Earthquakes in 8 days in Nebraska. 

Also 150 years sticks out in regards to Philadelphia..
The Ben Franklin Bridge Built in honor of the 150th year of the Declaration of Independence.
Philadelphia Eagles=150
All the other 150's I've mentioned in connection to Philadelphia. 
San Francisco=68(s)


  1. don't forget about the Betsy Ross bridge with all of the flag symbolism.

  2. Every time I look at a clock anymore it always has one of our numbers on it.