Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Brandon Belt's 21 Pitch At Bat Record-Earthquake symbolism-2015 info in regards to Subway Series

At Bat Record=44, 107 also 73(rev red)
Brandon Belt=44, 107
Interesting he plays for San Francisco a place I've been talking about in regards to Earthquakes. 
Earthquake=44, 107
The Giants of course were in the Earthquake Series in 1989...

73 is the 21st prime number. 
The record is now 21 pitches from a 21 year old pitcher. 
Pitch At Bat Record=73

This happens 87 days before Jaime Barria's bday. 
Jaime Barria=87
He also made his debut on 4/11 or 11/4 against the Rangers. 
114th World Series. 
It's just interesting as in November I was talking about the Space Cowboy theme and mentioned the possibility of maybe the Rangers in the World Series...so far they are sucking but in some way they are connected if they don't make it. We also just had the death of Barbara Bush and now George Bush is hospitalized....George W Bush was a former owner of the Rangers....
George Bush=107

Bartolo Colon currently of the Rangers was the pitcher the last time the record was set at 20...
Notice he is currently 44 years old....Made his MLB debut on 4/4. 
Rangers=44(rev red) and 107(reverse)
Colon also born on the 144th day of the year. 
Forty Four=144

Colon was pitching against Ricky Gutierrez...
Ricky Gutierrez=87, also 195, 183(Reverse)
Interesting his debut was on 4/13...
San Francisco=413(Jewish)

San Francisco Giants=114
It's the 114th World Series...
Minnesota Twins=195, 183(reverse)
Minneapolis, Minnesota=114(rev red)

Funny too I just said how I don't use Reverse Sumerian but have been seeing 612 in it a lot. 
Twenty One=612(rev sum)

Also interesting the Rangers beat the Seattle Mariners the same day of this at bat record. 
Seattle=44(rev red), 107(reverse)

Also interesting is that in 1998 when this record was last set...it was set 114 days before the World Series in which the 114 win New York Yankees went on to win. Notice the 98' world series also began on the anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake. 

Pretty interesting that when this record with Gutierrez and Colon happened ...the Rangers beat the San Francisco Giants too. 
Also the Yankees played the Mets....
I've been saying all of this is connected to what I was talking about in 2015.....In 2015 I talked about the Earthquake Series in regards to the film Field of Dreams that foreshadows a same city series in 1989. I even talked about how we might get the Mets vs the Yankees in the World Series at that time....this was before I saw the Pope Francis connection to the Royals in early October....

Also the score of the Angels vs Giants game on 4/22 was 4-2..
Just like the score when the previous record was set. 
Twenty one=42

You can't make this stuff up....
Look at the 114th day of this season...
The Mets play the Yankees and the Giants Play the A's. 
Just like what I am referring to above.  

Just throwing this in here but I never realized something...
457 is the 88th prime number. 
88 a super important number I was talking about in 2015..

The Film "Field of Dreams" was also 107 minutes long...
I'm also reminded of the story on 1/22 about the real Field of Dreams being Vandalized...
San Francisco=122 and so on...

There is for sure some crazy Earthquake connections going on...
In regards to Space Cowboy...remember Jennifer Garner is in the film about the New York Earthquake....

A few other things....
In regards to "21"...the first Subway Series was in the 1921 World Series...
Also the first Same City World Series was the Cubs vs the Whitesox in 1906 which was the same year of the Great San Francisco Fire/Earthquake. It was the only same city series outside of New York other than the 1944 series in St. Louis and the 1989 series in the Bay Area....


  1. Funny you mention twenty-one=612. Mpls=21, the 612 area code. There was an earthquake in MN back on 9/3/1917. 9/3 like 93, Minneapolis, Minnesota=93 and is on the 93rd parallel. This upcoming 9/3 will be the 101st anniversary, Philadelphia=101. September third=81 and 216.

    1. https://www.minnpost.com/mnopedia/2016/07/think-minnesota-doesn-t-have-earthquakes-think-again

    2. Instead of saying its been 101 years on 9/3, it could also be said 1,212 months. 12x12=144, time=144, Saturn the keeper of time, Saturn=93 like Minneapolis, Minnesota.