Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tennessee College Student Poses with Gun for graduation Photos-Bridge

This article was on the top articles on my Facebook sidebar. 
I figured I would check it out because it was from Chattanooga...
Lately a big thing is the Bus stories and remember a big bus crash story was the Chattanooga Bus Crash. Also my grandma who just died was from Chattanooga and more that I've mentioned before. 
Anyway it's just funny to me that I clicked on this story because I figured there might be something I'm supposed to see...and of course the picture is her posing in front a BRIDGE. 

Women For Trump=71
Brenna Spencer=71
Trump is currently 71 years old. 

Just another story to keep people talking about Gun Rights and argue their opinion over them. Keep their minds on stuff that doesn't matter. I mean think about it, they can manipulate the world by using this system of numbers, so even if they take the guns what does it matter? We aren't overthrowing them with Guns that's for sure, we have to learn more about this system and use it to our advantage. Guns rights are really just part of the mocking. 

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