Thursday, April 19, 2018

WWE Wrestler Bruno Sammartino dies-Johnny Valiant-STEEL-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Seriously what is messed up is that I just recently looked into this guy. He is connected to many WWE people such as Roddy Piper but also to a few people with Johnny Valiant...Also I remember looking at him because he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Arnold I mean I just blogged about Arnold and the next article I see is about this guy who is inducted into hall of fame by Arnold. Also the same year Trump was inducted. 

Fitting he would die 6 months 12 days after his bday. 
Revelation 6:12-the powerful Earthquake. 
He dies in Pittsburgh too...the city of Bridges/Steel. 
Johnny Valiant also died in Pittsburgh. 
Bruno Sammartino=193
193 the 44th prime
He dies on the 112th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake too. 
In regards to Valentines and the connection to Youtube and Stoneman Douglas....The Youtube shooting was in San "Bruno" California. 

The guy that made me look into him was Larry Zbyszko...He was one of the guys that Johnny Valiant won his 2nd Tag Team Championship. 
Anyway Larry was trained by Sammartino and later turned on him.  Then Sammartino beat him in a STEEL cage match. 
Interesting how Wiki goes on to talk abut his retirement in 81' and how he pinned George STEELE. 
Think about how earlier tonight I documented a bunch of stuff because of STEEL reserve...
Fitting with the Trump and Pope Francis Bridge symbolism...

I have to get some sleep. There are just so many stories recently I can't even keep up like the Night court guy who was also in the original "IT" film. He supposedly made money as a Street Magician in SAN FRANCISCO. He died 220 days after "It" came out...


  1. Sammartino owns the longest reign of being a wwe champion...2803 days. (409th prime) I love how the news gives these random facts.

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  3. On April 18th I was near "Madison Square Garden" and when I looked at the arena's name like I have done numerous times. I saw something else: "MASON SQUARE GARDEN". There was a massive crowd because they were having an NYPD "Police Academy" graduation.
    On Bruno's wikipedia page it states that his 1st wrestling match was at "Madison Square Garden". When I was a child my oldest sister and her friends use to tease me and call me a "SQUARE". Because I loved to read and would spend most of my time at the library.

    "A Square"=82-English Ordinal -LOL, my full name sums to "82" in Jewish Reduction
    "Geometry"=108-English Ordinal
    (April 18th is the 108th day of the year and the 109th day in a leap year)

    "Bill De Blasio"=612(The 109TH Mayor OF NYC spoke at the graduation)
    "Police Academy Graduation"=222
    "Police Academy"=222
    "Bruno Leopoldo Francesco Sammartino"=2226(English Sumerian) 2+2+2=6
    "Bruno Francesco Sammartino"=2226