Wednesday, April 25, 2018

June 24th an interesting Day-Pope Francis-GOLD-Donald Trump-Stock Market-Bridge-81, 159

I know I talked about this in a post before, but just researching and noticed it again. I didn't have a screenshot of it before though, so documenting it with a screen shot.  
Francis Scott Key born on 8/1. 
Remember the Super Bowl was all about Kneeling during the National Anthem/The Stock Market/Bridge Symbolism. 
The Minneapolis Bridge collapse on 8/1 and fell 81 feet..the main trusses were 81m long and it took them 81 minutes to transport everyone to the hospital....
Golden Gate Bridge=81 and will opened for 81 years this year..
Not gonna re-list everything....

I only noticed this because I saw that my cousin....the only Eagles fan I know was born in 81' and his dad died 81 days before his bday. He's also from the Miami area where we got the Bridge Collapse on the same day Miami collapsed to Loyola Chicago in the first round of March Madness. His dad also born on 3/22 which is the 81st day of the year. 

Also interesting how I said there is something I'm supposed to see with 624....
My Grandma dying 6 months 24 days before my Uncle and he died 6 months 24 days before my bday and so on...
Eighty One=624(Jewish)

Pope Francis-Bridge-81
Also remember the word "Pontiff" means Bridge Builder and a lot of this goes back to Pope Francis who is 81 years old this year and 8 months 1 day after his bday is 8/18/18...
He finished his visit in 2015 in Philadelphia 81 days before his bday on the Jesuit anniversary which was also 81 days before his 81st bday this year. 
In the Bible Philadelphia is mentioned in regards to the Key of David....Francis Scott Key.....Francis Got Key....The day after I talked about this the ex-Atlanta Falcon player Keion Carpenter died.(Jesus the Carpenter who is supposed to have the Key of David)...

There is so much to re-document but something has sparked my brain....
Remember the Cubs winning in 2016 was connected to my Uncle Barney who took his wife to a Cubs game on their anniversary on 8/8/2005...the same year Houston made the World Series and Lost..but also the same year the Eagles made the Super Bowl and lost...2005 was also the year Pope Benedict XVI became the Pope on 4/19.....The 81st prime is 419.....
My Uncle Barney and his wife went and saw Pope Benedict in Washington and later my Aunt won $250,000 on a lottery ticket...

6/24 is the 175th day of the year...
Pope Francis=175(reverse)

6/24 is also Pope Francis' 1929th day of being the Pope....think about that in regards to the Stock Market Crash that happened in 1929 and the St. Valentines Day Massacre in 1929...Also the Vatican city became a Sovereign State on 2/11/1929...The Pope during that time died age 81 too. 
Remember how 211 was also important in the death of my Grandma and Uncle...Death of my Uncle/Grandma-211
In the link above I also talked about "68" to a Uncle died 68 days before 6/24....6/24 is also 6 months 8 days(end date) after Pope Francis' bday...Barbara Bush died the same day as my Uncle and her bday is 6/8...

Also if you go way back when I was talking about the "10 Days before" stuff in regards to assassinated's interesting that Trumps bday is 10 days before 6/24...Remember Trump's bday is also Flag Day(National Anthem)....Trump's 70th bday was Pope Francis' 1,189th day of being Pope....1,189 Chapters in the King James Bible..."Donald J. Trump"=1,189(Jewish) and so on..

6/24 is also Donald Trumps 521st day(end date) being the president. 
Stock market=521(satanic)

Also a big thing I mentioned in regards to the Stock Market crash was 159....
Francis Key=159(reverse)
Herbert Hoover=159 
Hoover's bday was 81 days before the Stock Market Crash...
Donald Trump=159
Clancy Murphy=159
Ryan Murphy=159
Grandma Murphy=159
Clancy died 159 days after my bday...

HH...88...It's the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash.."Trump"=88=Kneel=Colin Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner=Us BANK Stadium and so on...
Kaepernick the San Francisco 49er...Think about "Gold"=81(Jewish)
A lot of the 49ers stuff is connected back to Moses....The Golden Calf.....Hermes is the Golden Boy...Last night I finally watched "GOLD Member" which is a big tribute to the story of Osiris birthing Horus from Isis' Golden Penis she made for him. 
I saw something on Facebook today about where did Queen Elizabeth II get all of her Gold from....

How interesting "Gold" is mentioned 419 times in the KJV...
419 the 81st prime number. 
Funny how the search takes me to "Daniel 3" as well considering Gold is mentioned multiple times before "Daniel". 
Of course Gold is all about the Sun...

Might as well throw this in there although it's not exactly fitting, but I just remembered my first cover band always used to play shows at the "Eagles Club" in Onawa, Iowa. Other than the town we live in, this was the only place I can remember gigging at multiple times. I believe it was even the first paying gig we played...just interesting as I see the "Eagles Club" is a Fraternal was founded by a guy who died in 1929..


  1. Another Trump/Lincoln connection. From 7/4/1776 to the date of Abraham Lincolns death on 4/15/1865 is exactly 88 years, 9 months, 11 days. Trump=88, Donald=119 and was announced president on 11/9. Lincoln died in '65, Philadelphia=65. Spelling out one hundred nineteen it equals 95 and 95 days after Trumps birthday is September 17th, which is ten days before the Jesuit birthday. Trump is a Jesuit. 9/17/2018 has date numerology of 44, kill and shooting=44. From 9/17 to JFK's assassination date on 11/22 is 2 months 5 days like 25, Trump=25. Or its 9 weeks 3 days like 93, Saturn=93. Including the end date you can say its a full span of 67 days, blood sacrifice=67. The naked waffle house shooter story and second waffle house story from the weekend and the Toronto van attack have numbers matching up with trump and the waffle house shoot is 29 years old and the van driver is 25 years old. Trump=25 and 29.

  2. Mike Pompeo 70th United States Secretary of State
    "Michael Richard Pompeo" = 111 (Full Reduction)
    "Seventieth Secretary of State" = 111 (Full Reduction)
    "One Hundred Thirty Seven" = 111 (Full Reduction)
    "Washington DC" = 137 (English Ordinal)

    Today's date Hebrew calendar
    "י״א בְּאִיָּר תשע״ח" = 111 (Hebrew Ordinal)
    "י״א בְּאִיָּר תשע״ח" = 30 (Hebrew Reduction)
    "Pompeo" = 30 (Jewish Reduction)

    LOTS of seventies lately! Israel's 70th anniversary. Trump temple coin with Cryus the great who freed the Jews from 70 years of slavery on it. And now the 70th SOS!

    Michael Richard Pompeo (born December 30, 1963)


    "Mike Pompeo" = 55 (Full Reduction)
    "Mike Pompeo" = 118 (English Ordinal)
    "Mike Pompeo" = 379 (English Extended)75th prime
    "Mike Pompeo" = 48 (Jewish Reduction)
    "Mike Pompeo" = 111 (Jewish Ordinal)
    "Mike Pompeo" = 309 (Jewish)

    "Michael Richard Pompeo" = 111 (Full Reduction)
    "Seventieth Secretary of State" = 111 (Full Reduction)
    "One Hundred Thirty Seven" = 111 (Full Reduction)
    "Church of Philadelphia" = 111 (Full Reduction)
    "Donald John Trump assassination" = 111 (Full Reduction)
    "Holy Bloodline of Christ" = 111 (Full Reduction)

    "Michael Richard Pompeo" = 192 (English Ordinal)
    "Michael Richard Pompeo" = 606 (English Extended)

    "Michael R Pompeo" = 77 (Full Reduction)
    "Michael R Pompeo" = 149 (English Ordinal)
    "Michael R Pompeo" = 227 (Francis Bacon)
    "Michael R Pompeo" = 69 (Jewish Reduction)
    "Michael R Pompeo" = 44 (Septenary)

    "Pompeo" = 80 (English Ordinal)

    "Seventieth Secretary of State" = 111 (Full Reduction)
    "Mike Pompeo" = 111 (Jewish Ordinal)
    "Michael Richard Pompeo" = 111 (Full Reduction)

    "Seventieth Secretary of State" = 1074 (Primes)
    "Seventieth Secretary of State" = 315 (Jewish Ordinal)
    "Seventieth Secretary of State" = 101 (Chaldean)

    "Secretary of State" = 1116 (Jewish)
    "yhvh" = 1116 (Jewish)
    "United Nations" = 1116 (Reverse English Sumerian)
    "Mark Of Beast" = 1116 (Reverse English Sumerian)
    "Compass and square" = 1116 (English Sumerian)
    "God of Israel" = 1116 (Reverse English Sumerian)
    "Rex Tillerson" = 1116 (Reverse Extended)
    "Prince Harry" = 1116 (English Extended)
    "Vatican Hill" = 1116 (Reverse English Sumerian)
    "men in black" = 1116 (Reverse English Sumerian)
    "Divine Blood" = 1116 (Reverse English Sumerian)

    "Michael R Pompeo Secretary of State" = 1119 (Primes)

    From confirmation hearing to birthday
    From and including: Thursday, April 26, 2018
    To, but not including Sunday, December 30, 2018
    Result: 248 days
    Or 8 months, 4 days excluding the end date

    "two hundred forty eight days" = 314 (English Ordinal)
    "President Donald Trump" = 248 (English Ordinal)
    Or 8 months, 4 days
    "United States of America" = 84 (Full Reduction)
    "Jesuit" = 84 (English Ordinal)
    "masonry" = 84 (Reverse Ordinal)
    "zionism" = 84 (Reverse Ordinal)
    "divide and conquer" = 84 (Full Reduction)

    Mike Pompeo confirmed as the 70th SOS

    Michael Richard Pompeo = 111

    Seventieth Secretary of State = 111

    One Hundred Thirty Seven = 111

    From confirmation hearing to birthday

    From Thursday April 26, 2018

    To Sunday December 30, 2018

    248 days

    President Donald Trump = 248

    two hundred forty eight days = 314

    Or 8 months 4 days

    United States of America = 84

    masonry = 84

  3. YOU GUYS ARE ALL USING numerology wrong. gematria , its true use and coding, is not available for the goyim.meaning they use it differently than means something different to all interpretations, especially your random and grouped phrases...are completely erroneous and not significant. the only numbers that one need pay attention to in the media are dates. after that, colors. and the use of language that is code, but not thru gematria, but plain symbology. it will all be based on Saturn, 9, purple/yellow or gold...and simple symbology and word play. to a childish level. why? becasue no one will believe it and u will look crazy attempting to explain. example remember Amanda Berry? A Man to Bury. having said that, I want to commend you on your work ethic and your ability to read a situation w/o the use of gematria.