Sunday, April 22, 2018

Uncle Clancy's Funeral-Time-Lots of Eagle symbolism going on-205

Yesterday at my uncles funeral the priest talked about how when you die you escape this dimension that is bound by TIME. I think he said something similar at my grandma's too..
It's funny knowing what I know now and just listening and observing the symbols in church too. 
I was even looking at the main cross and jesus statue thinking about how it all goes back to TIME before the priest mentioned the TIME stuff. 
Time=61=God=Jesus=Cross=Holy Spirit=Church=Christian=Sins=Bull
Saturn the Bull God the Keeper of Time....The Bi-Bull
Jesus split Time BC/AD..
X means Times in multiplication...

He also talked about how we are stardust in comparision to the cosmos....Jesus came to be stardust just like us. He said humans aren't capable of building a BRIDGE to God...that is why Jesus came....

He talked about how my Grandma met my Grandpa in New Jersey..They also lived in Los Angeles which is interesting with that connection I have mentioned more than once...

The final song at the funeral was called "On Eagles Wings". I asked my cousin why there wasn't a special song like they do at most funerals...he said the priest wouldn't let them do that. Seems odd to me, and then Eagles Wings was playing...And yes I do know it's a typical funeral song, but the fact it was the last song and they didn't play a special song seems odd to me. 
On Friday Claire had a field trip to some nature center in Harlan, Iowa. She came home and told me about this bald eagle with a broken wing. My sister said that my nephew went to the same place for a field trip a while back and they knew about the eagle too. I'm not sure if the above picture is from the same place or not, but someone posted this on my sisters Facebook page yesterday...The release of a Bald Eagle. 

Also Friday night we went to the Slipper and ate. My Dad started talking about going to Seattle in June because of my cousins graduation. He said how they think that there might be a major earthquake soon in the San Francisco area and hopes it doesn't happen while he is out've never told him anything that I have recently been documenting he had to have heard that at work or saw it on the local news....He never gets on the computer or watches TV much, so I doubt it was from a big news source...

In regards to Seattle...last night I had to dj/karaoke in Woodbine. My friend Cody was back as he was a pallbearer in my uncles funeral...anyway he came with me to Woodbine. I thought it was odd he was wearing a Seattle Mariners hat considering he is a Chicago Cubs fan...later in the night I saw Sam and we were talking about how there's something we are supposed to see with Cody's hat. 
Anyway when I woke up this morning I walked up to get the car from girlfriends job and the first thing I see is Cody's hat. He forgot it in the car. 
Remember the EAGLE landed on Seattle Mariners pitcher James Paxton this year too. 
On Eagles Wings=150=Philadelphia Eagles=World Series

Last night after Djing I text my cousin Timmy and went over to his house at like 3am. We were talking about his dad and his wife remembered that sometime after our uncle Barney died I was telling them about numbers. A lot more that goes with it, but I started explaining all of this to them and telling them of the Eagles connections....for example the priest not letting them play a song and then they played "On Eagles Wings" and Ryan being the only Eagles fan any of us know...and our grandma dying on Eagle Street and more. 
Anyway I just realized something I didn't see before...
Clancy died 205 days after my Grandma...
Valentine=417(satanic) 4/17 the day Clancy died. 

While Looking up the number 205 in my wordpad I found some interesting stuff I documented a long time ago. 
Pope Benedict XVI was the first pope to resign since the 205th pope(Gregory XII). 
Pope=205(eng ext)
Also "Pope Valentine"=924(sumerian) the bday of the Nikolas Cruz and my Grandma's death day...
He was only Pope for 40 days(Valentines=40), but it was from August 31st to October 10th in the year 827...
But...August 31st is the day Apollo Creed died and so on...connected to the Charleston Earthquake...
827 is the 239th prime number....all the Eagles stuff is connected to Pope Francis' visit to the US in the 239th year of the US and the Flag Sewn at 239 Arch Street and more...

Also the number 159 was significant in regards to my Uncle and Grandma. In my notes I talk about the 159th pope starting the first crusade and being the Pope 923 years before 2015. 
Interesting the first Crusade began in 1095 which is 923 years before 2018. 

Some other interesting 205 stuff I have in my notes. 
Israel=205...think about that in regards to the Crusades and the Holy Land. 

Nine Twenty Three=205
Lebron Raymone James=205..."Lebron James"=923
Two Hundred Sixty Six=205(reverse)...266th Pope...
923+266=1,189....Francis 1,189th day as Pope on Trump's bday and so on...
Pope=205(eng ext)

Seoul South Korea=205
New Orleans Pelicans=205

Princess Charlotte=205....her bday on 5/2/2015 was a big thing I talked about in 2015 in connection to San Francisco and the Pope. 
Prince George of Cambridge=205

Tribe of Judah=205
All Seeing Eye=205
Mark Wahlberg=205(reverse)...remember he met Pope Francis. 
George Clooney=205(reverse)...he was a big piece to the Space/923 stuff. 

Also in regards to the NBA Finals and Lebron growing a beard..
James Harden...the Beard...
The Beard=205(Jewish)
There's a bunch more 205 in my wordpad, but some of the above stuck out to me as they apply to what I have been talking about recently. 

One last thing that happened on Friday. I had just got to work and a guy started talking to me about this poster on the wall. He was asking me how much I thought the truck would go for?...I had no idea what he was talking about. He was telling me about this Auction they are having and it has a nice older truck. I came over and looked at it and I had to laugh as the Address number is 612 and it's in DANbury. 
Valentine=612(sumerian)..Revelation 6:12 and so on...

Clancy also married Karol on none other than Valentines Day in the year 81'. 
81 the big number in connection to Bridge/Earthquake symbolism...

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