Thursday, April 12, 2018

Four Earthquakes in Nebraska-Hermes-Full House-Fuller House-A Strange Night

I just saw this posted on Facebook and thought it was interesting. I guess Central Nebraska had 4 earthquakes in the past few days. It's unusual considering Nebraska averages 1 earthquake per year and has only had only 45 earthquakes since 1931 according to this article. 
Nebraska=44, 55(rev red)
Earthquake=44, 55(rev red)

I know this is weird, but I found it odd that on the map they show a bunch of bigger cities/towns such as "North Platte", Sioux City, Omaha.....but then they also show "Valentine", Nebraska. 
Valentine, Nebraska on has a population of about 3,000 if that. 
Remember Valentines is connected to the Earthquake symbolism..
Revelation 6:12 is about the Great Earthquake. 

When I looked the town up it also says that Rebecca Donaldson on the show Full House is from Valentine, Nebraska...
Full House is set in San Francisco....Remember they even have an episode where Stephanie is scared because of the Loma Prieta Earthquake that happened during the San Francisco vs Oakland World Series. 

That episode was the 55th episode as well called "Aftershocks"=44
It came out 52 days after the Loma Prieta Earthquake. 
Fuller House=52 also 527(satanic)
It's not the same show but I've talked about Fuller House Before in regards to this. 
Remember the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge is on 5/27. 
Golden Gate=239(Jewish)
239 the 52nd prime and so on..
5/2 is also the 122nd day....
San Francisco=122
1 month 21 days is also interesting..

Fuller House currently has 44 episodes too. 

Also Rebecca and Jesse get married on Valentines Day....Remember they have the Twin Boys as well. 
Twins another interrelated Theme I have been talking about. 

No coincidence that Jesse and Rebecca get married on the episode before the episode titled "Fuller House" either. 

The Theme song for both shows is pretty telling to what I'm talking about as well....Whatever happened to Predictability? The Milk Man the paper, the Evening Tv.........Everywhere you Look. 
Seriously I don't know what is going on. I wanted to go back and look at my old videos in regards to Full House and the Loma Prieta Earthquake. It would not load at all and kept doing some strange things on Youtube. I finally got it to work...see the video above. I didn't hook up my webcam so I just typed my quick thoughts. I also only had enough space on my computer for 5 minutes so I was going fast. Even stranger is that I don't have a built in microphone on this computer as far as I knew and it actually did play audio without my webcam? So you may have to turn the audio off as the Gematria Effect is playing in the background pretty loud. Ha and I see it actually loaded when I clicked back about 1 minute in but I didn't realize it as I was going fast. Still just weird whatever was going on. 

I'm gonna watch these videos before I post this blog post now...but what sticks out to me is that I mentioned Hermes/Golden Boy in one of the videos. This sticks out because just last night I was re-researching about Hermeticism because I plan on making a new How To Gematria Video. In the video I was gonna talk about why the reverse is important and I wanted to show the 7 principles of Hermeticism as they mention the As Above So Below and Duality. 
I'm making it as I'm in the process of making a gematria website and I want people to understand more of why the 4 ciphers make sense. 
Also just before starting this blog post I was explaining about Thoth/Hermes/Hermeticism to my girlfriend to try and make her understand it more. 
The reason I mentioned John Stamos is because his character on Full House is Uncle Jesse but you find out on the show his real first name is "Hermes". 
Interesting too that I always seem to learn a lot and these things happens at a way higher rate on Wednesdays. If you look up Hermes you find out he is associated with the God Mercury. Wednesdays are named in honor of Odin/Mercury. Think about Gold too in regards to San Francisco and Mercury the Merchant. 

In the first video I talk about the film 10.5....interesting the cover has the Space Needle collapsing..something I've recently mentioned. Basically this movie is about the destruction of Earthquakes on the whole West Coast though so the GG Bridge gets destroyed as well. 

I also talked about this film "San Andreas" which stars none other than The Rock....I can't believe I forgot about that film. 

Look at that too...when the Loma Prieta Earthquake hit at the World Series. ABC immediatley switched the footage to a ROSEANNE Rerun. How crazy is that? Roseanne just made it's comeback...
I can't find which episode it was though....

Interesting I talked a tiny bit about Dick Enberg as well. He just died at the end of 2017...

In the John Stamos video I mentioned how his character Jesse loves the Beach Boys and Elvis...then I mention "I'm All shook Up" and "Good Vibrations"..
Also thinking about Charles Manson's connections to the Beach Boys....

Funny at the end of the video I talk about Steph Curry being called the Golden Boy and how I don't see how Golden State is going to lose...

A long time ago I also talked a lot about Hermes Tristmegistus feast day being May 23rd....just interesting with Trump now the president. Full House final episode aired on 5/23. 

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  1. So cool that you’re building a gematria site!! Keep on working toward your goal. I know there’s a ton of things to look at right now and I’m sure your life takes priority. Thanks for all your work!!