Monday, April 16, 2018

R. Lee Ermey dies-Connection to Youtube blocking "The Birth of my Son" video-Multiple things I've documented-Will Ferrell-Honeymooners-Love-Rocky

First thing that comes to mind in seeing the death of R. Lee Ermley is that we also got the death of Gomer Pyle 137 days ago. 
R Lee Ermey=137(reverse)
Gomer Pyle also died the same day as the Delaware Earthquake in 2017.  I also find it interesting that on March 9th I posted about how I randomly really wanted to watch Saving Silverman. This was a few days before my "birth of my son video" got blocked worldwide. In that video I talked about Neil Diamond not touring anymore because of Parkinsons Disease and of course Saving Silverman all about Neil Diamond.....Anyway remember R Lee Ermey is the Gay Coach in Saving Silverman. 

My Post on 3/9 was about how my video got blocked because of a screenshot I took of a Family Guy Episode. 

Notice Ermey was on Season 3 episode 9 of Family Guy...It's interesting this episode also has Will Ferrell..I started blogging about his SUV accident the other day and never finished it because I started looking at something different...The story came 94 days before his bday and "John William Ferrell"=94. 
Also Season 3 episode 9 was the 37th episode and 3/9 to 4/15 is 37 days. 
In regards to what I've recently been documenting I'd imagine there is something to do with the film "The Other Guys" as it has Ferrell and the Rock in it. 

Notice this episode also jokes about The Honeymooners and Ralph. Once again that show is super important....The MOON theme, Ralph drives a BUS. Maybe I need to sit down and watch it sometime. 

The episode also has Adam Carolla who was born on May 27th...I only mention this because I know in one of my 2015 videos I talked about him and Dr. Drew because of the tv show "Loveline" in connection to the Valentines/Love Theme...
See above that Gomer Pyle was born on 6/12 as well. (Valentine). 
I'm sure the other actors in this episode are significant too, but I'm not fully seeing it. The title is a play on the Billy Crystal film "Mr. Saturday Night"...he was born on Pi day...Billy Crystal also roasted Muhammad Ali in 1976....In my post on 3/9 I talked about how it was all connected to Rocky and the connections to Muhammad Ali with 117. (Rocky came out in 76' him and Sly were born on 7/6). 
Billy Crystal=76(rev red)

Ermey also died 76 days before the Full Metal Jacket "Gomer Pyle's" bday. The 2 months 15 days stands out to me as well. I've been seeing 215 a lot recently but haven't been documenting it as it hasn't made enough sense to me. 
Example...."Robert Zimmerman"=215
Chris Farley born on 2/15...."Saturday Night Live"=215...
This episode is titled..."Mr. Saturday Knight"....
The lady who plays Lois Griffin born on 2/15..
There were a bunch more that I just don't remember now...
But remember 215 the Philadelphia Area Code also the last day of Lupercalia. 

Not sure if this is the episode Family Guy is referring to with the Honeymooners...but I searched it an episode about Lost Job comes up...Season 2 episode 15....

I never noticed this about The Honeymooners before either. Ralph's wife is played by "Audrey Meadows". I know a girl whose name used to be Audrey Meadows. It's different now though as her husband died in a car wreck and she remarried. I still remember to this day her husband asking me why I don't ask her out. Then asked if it was ok if he asked her out. I told him yeah that's cool with me. She was new in town and I worked with her in the summer before anyone really knew her. Anyway they ended up getting married and he died in a car wreck on 11/7/ 2008.....but interesting 117 which was really important to my Original Post on 3/9 and my son being born on 1/17. 

Also Ermey's character in Full Metal Jacket is Sergeant Hartman...
I just documented about Bret Sergeant Hart and the connections to the Hart Family who went "over the edge". The boy hugged the Cop named Sergeant BRET. 

Interesting too the first episode Ermley was on of the Simpsons was the 137th episode. 

Man this one is hurting my brain right now lol. I need to check out some episodes and come back to it. I'm sure Ron Walker is on top of this one..he knows a lot about Kubrick and been telling me about the connections to Full Metal Jacket for years. 

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