Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Golden State Killer arrested-Death of Patton Oswalt's wife

First thing I thought of when seeing this story is how I documented about this guy in regards to the death of Patton Oswalt's wife. She died the same day as Prince, but also was working a book called "The Golden State Killer". Notice Oswalt announced he was going to try and finish the book on 8/1 too. 
The Golden State Killer=111(rev red) and 318(reverse)
Cleveland Cavaliers=111(rev red) and 318(reverse)

She also died on the day the Warriors lost their only game in their series against the Rockets. 
Interesting today is the 115th day and in 2016 the year she died April 24th was the 115th day....Remember that was the game Steph Curry slipped on the Water....they asked Draymond about the Houston Floods..Golden State as RAINING 3's...
I remember talking about 115 not being good for the Warriors that year as they lost their first game 1 month 15 days into the season...Then to the Cavs on the 115th day of the year..
Curry hurt his ankle in Game 1 of that series and didn't play the day Oswalt's wife died either....he played the next game which was where he hurt his knee...

This was also the year Chris Paul broke his hand...

Golden State Killer=72
They catch him when he's 72 years old. 
Possibly not connected but I find it interesting the killings began in 1976 the same year Rocky came out...Bornon 7/6 and so on..
Rocky=72....72 Rocky Steps...Golden State has the connection to Philadelphia. 
Patton Oswalt got enganged on 7/6..2017...which was 1 year 7 months 6 days after his wife died..."Patton Oswalt"=176 and so on..
Remember 7/6 is also eastern orthodox Valentines Day. 
Patton Oswalt gets engaged blog post
Check out my post above as I even talked about "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson being part of the joke when they got engaged. 

Michelle Mcnamara=131
True Crime=131
Serial Killer=131
How interesting too the best selling ever True Crime Novel was called "Helter Skelter" about Charles Manson...

It's interesting that Patton Oswalt's new wife was born on Pi day just like Stephen Curry....
They got married 172 days ago...
Stephen Curry=172
5 months 21 days...."Philadelphia"=521(satanic)

Pi day to today is also 1 month 11 days...

It is interesting as well that they caught him in Sacramento where the KINGS play....Remember there is a huge riddle with the Pelicans and Demarcus Cousins getting injured against the Rockets...DeMarcus Cousins Tears Achilles-Kings-Pelicans-Rockets

Meredith Salenger also reminds of JD Salinger who wrote The Catcher in the Rye...The book that was supposedly the reason Mark David Chapman murdered John Lennon...Think about that in regards to Charles Manson...Helter Skelter...the biggest selling true crime story...
Funny too that tonight on the Gematria Effect someone called in about John Lennon. 


  1. An explosion in Superior, Wisconsin, near Duluth, Minnesota. 6 people injured, six=52 like Minnesota. They say it sounded like "a sonic boom"=52 like Minnesota and 106 like prophecy. Husky Energy Refinery=114 and 93 like Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1870 in Jewish, like 187. I've been looking at September 26th as a possible day for the earthquake of Revelation 6:12 and this come exactly 5 months before that, or 21 weeks, 6 days, like 216 the reverse of 612, the Minneapolis area code. This story was published at 11:06am and today is the 116th days of the year.

    1. The church of Philadelphia = 216, 126

      Kinda like June 12 pulse shooting and 612 days later on valentines the high school shooting that wa ms connected to the eagles.

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  3. I'm from Louisiana 318 is one of our area codes