Monday, April 9, 2018

Man sentenced from Westside, Iowa for Meth-Eagle symbolism

I saw someone posted this local article on Facebook today while at work. I clicked on it and was reading the article. I guess this guy go busted trying to sell a bunch of meth. Anyway notice what street he live on?....Yep EAGLE Street...
It's also interesting he was arrested after a standoff on the 150th day of 2017. 
Philadelphia Eagles=150

Robert Whitenack=73, 172
Westside, Iowa=73(rev red), 172(reverse)

Interesting too this story comes out on 4/6..
He was sentenced in "Sioux City"=46

His arrest on 5/30 to 4/6 is 312 days. 
Robert Oscar Whitenack=312(reverse)

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