Friday, April 6, 2018

Conor McGregor bus Attack-Rocky-Eagle-Russian

Why wouldn't there be drama with Conor McGregor before UFC 223? 
Remember McGregor's sparring partner was murdered on 2/23. 
His last 2 fights were 2 months 23 days apart..
If he wins his next fight he will be 22-3. 
UFC 223 held in "Brooklyn, New York"=223

This story comes 223 days (end date) after McGregor lost to Mayweather. 

No coincidence he had beef with the RUSSIAN...reminding us of Rocky....His nickname is The EAGLE... lol I mean come on..
His bday is 9/20 which is funny as I just documented about that date in my previous post...
Also when Mayweather beat McGregor he broke ROCKY Marciano's record of 49-0 and became 50-0. 
Rocky Marciano died on 8/31 the same day as Apollo Creed. 

Bus Attack=98
Khabib Nurmagomedov=98(rev red) also 181
Khabib Abdulmanapovic Nurmagomedov=181(rev red)
Floyd Mayweather=181
181 is the 42nd prime number. 
UFC 223 is on 4/7 which is 42 days after Mayweather's bday. 

The 29 year old Russian...

McGregor's last UFC fight was on November 12th 2016 against Eddie Alvarez. Interesting he was born in Philadelphia...

Conor McGregor's bday of 7/14 is also interesting as that was the day we got the Truck Attack in Nice, France......remember Sylvester Stallone was in Nice, France that day....the news had a picture of him looking like the Statue of Liberty....


  1. Hey Dan you might want to save this. An researcher named Ole Dammegard contacted the Metropolitan D. C. Police Department concerning the permit for the March For Our Lives demonstration in Washington, D.C.
    Dammegard received this email from Officer Scott C. Earhardt of the Homeland Security Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department:
    It says the permit was applied for months in advance of the shooting. Here's a copy of the email

    I put it on my blog too.

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