Thursday, April 26, 2018

Family Guy episode "Holy Crap"-Pope and Francis-Some random thoughts-Henry Winkler

A little bit ago I sat down in the living room to eat supper. Family Guy was on TV and I thought it was interesting the episode was about the Pope. I've mentioned a lot of the bridge stuff goes back to the Pope symbolism and what not...
Anyway the whole point of this episode is Peter is trying to convince his devout Catholic Father named FRANCIS that he is a good person. He ends up kidnapping the Pope and bringing him to see his father....At the end of the episode the pope hires Francis to be a bodyguard. 

What an interesting choice of names for Peter's a Pope episode that came out.  

It's also interesting the guy who voiced FRANCIS' bday is 2/28 and he died 79 days before Pope Francis became the Pope. 
2/28 is the last day Pope Benedict XVI was the Pope before Francis became the Pope. 

At the time of this episode the Pope was John Paul II who died 2012 days(end date) later in 2005. 
So interesting the guy who did the voice would die in 2012...

Francis dies on Family Guy on an episode that came out 2/11..2007. 

Interesting he dies 6 years 1 months 2 days before Pope Francis became the Pope...
612 a really special number this year in regards to Pope/Bridge/Valentines/Earthquakes and so on..

So who knows, just found some of these things interesting. Especially considering an early episode of Family Guy that involves the Pope and guy named Francis...

There's also only 3 main episodes that Francis Griffin is of them involves the possibly we will see something with Henry Winkler? 
Henry Winkler=72, 162 and 162(reverse)
He's currently 72 years old...
Could be a great World Series sacrifice considering the 162 and his bday in late October....
Funny if you look back at what I documented about the death of Erin Moran(Happy Days) I talked about the Philadelphia Earthquake symbolism and Happy Gilmore.....Winkler gets covered in Bees in Little Nicky....
One last thought...I know I had some type of synchronicity a while back involving the Simpsons episode "When You Dish Upon a Star" with Ron Howard....I can't seem to find it on my blog or remember what exactly happened...anyway Ron Howard's father also just died in late 2017 connected to Scott Frost/Nebraska/Valentines/Teen Wolf....


  1. Speaking of Valentines...Guess what date the 187 homicide code was enacted?
    California homicide code 187 enacted on 2/14/1872
    (Valentines Day) 2+14+1+8+7+2=34 Murder=34
    From homicide code enacted to Parkland school shooting 146 years.
    "Valentines Day" = 146 (Jewish Ordinal)

    1. WOW Joan that's interesting because 214 keeps showing up in my decodes. I realized that 214 is a reflection of 421(214/421),the Queen's birthday. There's been several suspicious celebrity deaths on 4/21 & 2/14 or prior to that date. Like Whitney Houston's death on 2/11/2012 and "Whitney Houston"=214(Reverse Francis Bacon).