Friday, April 27, 2018

Kim Jong Un visits South Korea calls for "New History"

This is perfect for what I have been saying in regards to Bridges...
North and South Korea are what some would describe as building a Bridge...
This story comes on the 117th day of the year..
I've documented previously, but don't you think it's interesting South Korea's leader is MOON Jae-In...?

One of the lines even mentions bridging the gap..

Moon Jae In=42
Kim Jong Un=42, 114
History=42, 114
New History=114(reverse)
World War=42, 114
Korean War=43
South Korea=43
Forty Two=43

Also interesing that "New History"=156
World War III=156(reverse)
156th prime is 911 and so on..
Dennis Rodman played 911 games...
Basketball Diplomacy=114
Rodman arrived in North Korea last year 156 days after Kim's 33rd(american) bday. 
Thirty Three=156

Also interesting..."World War"=612(rev sumerian)...yet another 612 that stands out in rev sumerian...

Notice Kim Jong Un's bday of 8/1...
81 the big number in regards to Bridges...
North Korea-Pope-Jesuits
Last summer I talked a good amount about North Korea being connected to the Jesuits and Pope Francis who is important to the Bridge symbolism. 

Moon Jae-In also born in 53' the year the Korean War ended...Also the year Eisenhower the president who loved to play "Bridge" became president. 

Just writing it in here but there is something I think I'm supposed to see with 510...I saw it a few times at work today.....then my last blog post I mentioned season 5 episode 10 of Family Guy....."Peace Summit"=510(satanic)......Moon Jae-In because president on 5/10/17...
Korea=510(rev sumerian)
There were a few others tonight that I can't remember...I think it was something to do with "Happy Days"...

They are also calling it the "Panmunjon Declaration"=114(rev red)


  1. When was the DMZ created? 7/27/1953

    Miles between Pyongyang, North Korea and Seoul, South Korea is 121 miles.
    Friday April twenty seventh" = 121 (Full Reduction)

    Days between created of the DMZ anniversary and today is 91 days
    ninety one" = 121 (English Ordinal)

    April 27th is the 117th day of the year.
    one hundred seventeen" = 91 (Full Reduction)
    Central Intelligence Agency" = 117 (Full Reduction)

  2. Today is the anniversary of the LA riots. Boy were they staged. The numbers are crazy. Here's my work if anybody needs it. I don't care for credit.