Thursday, April 5, 2018

Eagle lands on James Paxton before Twins vs Mariners Game-Apollo 11, Apollo 17-Moon/Space Theme

You have got to be kidding me lol.
A bald eagle was brought out at the Minnesota TWINS game during the national anthem and landed on James Paxton's head. 
Think about how much I have talked about the Twins and how the Eagles winning the Super Bowl was connected to the Eagle landing on the Moon. Also the Eagles won the Super Bowl in Minneapolis where the Twins play. The Super Bowl was connected to the Flag/national anthem symbolism...
Also his name being James PAXTON reminds me of Bill Paxton who was in Apollo 13 as Fred Haise Jr. He was born on 11/14 which was the day of the closest Super Moon since 1948 in 2016. 
Bill Paxton also in the Terminator...

Look at that # 65. 
Big Maple=65(Paxton's nickname)
Bald Eagle=65(Jewish) also 50(rev red)
Challenger=50(rev red)..birds name. 
Twins=50(reverse)...think about all the 50 I've previously mentioned in connection. 
Twin Cities=50
The Phillies beat the Marlins today 5-0. 

Why even mention that it was "38" degrees? 
Fifty Two=38(rev red)..Super Bowl 52. 
Minnesota=38, 52(rev red)
Big Maple=38
Super Bowl LII=163
38th prime is 163. 
US Bank Stadium=38

This happens 150 days after his bday. 
Philadelphia Eagles=150
World Series=150(reverse)

This happens 60 days after the Super Bowl..
James Paxton=60(rev red) also 523(satanic)
Minnesota Twins=60
Home Opener=60
Donald Trump=60, 523(satanic)
Thinking about how Trump is shaking everything up...Make America Great Again but the Eagle isn't cooperating? 
Today is also Pope Francis' 5th year 23rd day as Pope...

It's funny Sam has been showing me how the Seattle Mariners/Felix Hernandez have somehow been interrelated to what I was talking about with WM we get a story about the Mariners and the Twins who I talked about last season. It has me wondering about Randy Johnson hitting the bird with a pitch too..
Seattle=321(Jewish)..a number I've mentioned with Space/My son/Jesuits....
Cold War=321(satanic)
321 is also similar to a countdown....
Seattle has the SPACE Needle....

The eagles name is "Challenger"....
The EAGLE was the Lunar Module for Apollo 11. 
The CHALLENGER was the Lunar Module for Apollo 17. 
Apollo 17 was the last mission to land on the Moon too. 
This all goes with the THEME I was talking about last year. 
The first and last people to walk on the MOON were Armstrong and then Eugene Cernan. Then Cernan dies a month later. 
James Alston Paxton=57
National Anthem=57
World Series=57
Cernan died 57 days before his bday. 

This story also happens 17 weeks after the 45th anniversary of Apollo 17 launching... Today is 4/5. 
Think about how Stoneman Douglas was on the 45th day and all sorts of tributes to 17. 
Notice Apollo 17 also landed in the Pacific Ocean at 17S. 

James Paxton born on 11/6...
Eugene Cernan died on 1/16. 
Miguel Sano=116

Also think about Fred Haise Jr...Apollo 13...
Apollo 13...Apollo 17....just last night I mentioned the 13 17 connections again...
I got a feeling that another astronaut in the moon missions will die this year. Possibly Fred Haise or one of the Apollo 15 members considering the connection to Michigan who just lost in the Championship. 

I was thinking how "Target Field" is interesting as it could be hinting at the next "Target"....I noticed the band the EAGLES will be peforming there on June 30th. 
Anyway look at their 2018 tour...It began on 3/14(Pi day) also Eugene Cernan's bday. It began in Chicago(Stoneman Douglas/Cubs). Also look where it ends....Philadelphia on July 28th. 

It could also have something to do with Christa McAuliffe. 
She died on the Space Shuttle Challenger, but I noticed she went to "Bowie State University". Remember the Falcon Heavy Launch connected to David Bowie who released Space Oddity days before the Eagle landed on the Moon...


  1. It's funny you bring up the "Twin" theme again in this particular post. I was watching the Mariners opening day game, and every time there was a double play, the commentator would say, "Twin Killing." Which really stood out to me. I've never heard that before. There must have been 4 or 5 double plays and he said it every time!

  2. The Randy Johnson bird game was spring training 3/24/01 Arizona vs San Francisco.
    We just had the Google HQ Shooting
    San Bruno California = 114
    San Francisco Giants = 114
    This is the 114th World Series.