Monday, December 25, 2017

Wikipedia won't load episode 52 of Family Guy-Wiki Growing Pains missing ep. 51 last year-Fuller House Rams uniform

I was thinking about the death of "Benson" again and remembered they mentioned him in the Family Guy episode "Don't Make Me Over". That episode had a whole bunch of clues to recent events...
I went back and looked at the episode list of Family Guy and then Istarted wondering if there might be a clue in the 52nd episode in regards to Super Bowl 52. 
Last year SB 51 was connected to the first ever episode of Family Guy that aired the same day the Falcons lost in SB 33. 
Anyway the reason I'm even making this post is because for some reason every time I clicked on episode 52 it wouldn't load it. It would load any other episode I clicked on, but not episode 52 on Wikipedia. 

Death of Alan Thicke-Wiki missing 51st episode-Fuller House Thicke episode

Remember Wikipedia took off the 51st episode of Growing Pains after Alan Thicke died just before Super Bowl 51. Go back and look at the post above, I'm sure it relates to this year somehow. I even mentioned the kid in the football uniform on Fuller House...Looks a lot like a RAMS uniform. 
Fuller House=52
The 88th episode of Full House was called "Fuller House". 
Set in San Francisco which is connected to the Kneeling...also search my blog...San Francisco is really important to the RAM symbolism and Colin Kaepernick. 

In regards to the 52nd Family Guy episode Chris goes to Buddy Cianci Jr. High School....
He was the mayor of Providence but had to resign 2 times. 
Vincent Cianci=81(rev red)...see previous stuff on Los Angeles,  Minnesota Bridge collapse, Pope Francis and more. 

He was the Youngest Man elected to office at age 33 and the first Republican Mayor since the Great Depression....
Interesting how I've said the Stock Market Crash is connected to this years SB...
Also reminds me of Rams coach Sean McVay being the youngest coach surpassing Lane Kiffin....McVay's grandpa was the GM of the 49ers back when they were great......Also Kiffin has ties to Nebraska(moses/rams)...also in regards to Poltergeist and a bunch of stuff I've documented Mcvay came from the Redskins before the Rams....Remember the Twins(former Washington) beat St. Louis before Carol Anne Died a day after Washington won the Super Bowl in 88'. 
The 150 sticks out in regards to the Bridge stuff I've documented with Philadelphia....."Philadelphia Eagles"=150
But Also...
Lincoln, Nebraska=150
Cianci also was the 32nd and 34th he skipped 33...

He died 3 months 3 days(end date) before his bday. 
Died of Colon Cancer....CC..33. 

Buddy=231(satanic) his nickname. 
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Rams=231(english ext.)

How fitting for the Rams Field Goal Kicker to get injured as well. 
Notice he's from Lincoln, Nebraska...
Field Goal=71
The Ten Commandments=71
Samuel Noah Foltz=71...Remember Lawrence Phillips died last year too....He was drafted to the Rams and played for the 49ers too. In 2015 when Nebraska made the Foster Farms Bowl they played..

Greg Zuerlein replaced by Sam...Samuel Ficken. 

In the very beginning of the episode 52 of Family Guy they spoof Law and Order...
Law and Order=52
I've been thinking about Law and Order since the death of Bernard Francis Law too....hmm. 

At 41 seconds into the show they fade into a Bridge...I guess they do this on the Law and Order SVU....I've never watched the show much, but my girlfriend has....I see there is a Law and Order LA as well. 
Super Bowl=41
It doesn't fully show the bridge until 42 seconds though....

Towards the end Lois also throws a dead body off a bridge....

I didn't see anything else that really stood out to me in regards to the episode though. 

I think it's funny that another episode in Season 4 is called "Petergeist" which is a play on Poltergeist that I keep mentioning. I'll have to check this episode out later...

Also was thinking about RAM in regards to computers and possibly how synchronicity works. 

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  1. The Steel for the Golden Gate Bridge came from Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh mostly. Part of the reasob we are seeing the Steelers do so well.