Thursday, December 28, 2017

Comment on Ridiculousness video after I looked up Chanel West Coast last night.

So late last night/early this morning I got on Facebook and as I was scrolling down I saw an thing that said 20 People in Hollywood you didn't know were transgender. It showed a picture of Minkus from Boy Meets World next to Chanel West Coast. I thought to myself no way Minkus is Chanel West Coast lol and I clicked on the article. Of Course Minkus isn't Chanel West Coast and that wasn't one of the 20 people even listed, so click bait. 

Stuart Minkus=84(rev red)
Chanel West Coast=84(rev red)

Anyway I wake up today to a comment on an old video about Steelo Brim's nephew dying. I talk about Chanel West Coast in this video as well. 

I even mentioned another story in the media that day and how it was about Cardinal George Pell being charged with Sexual assault. 
Go back and look at my blog/videos(June) around this time...I made a bunch of stuff about the film "Spotlight" and child molesting in the catholic church. I talked about the priest who supposedly molested me as a kid named Father Fitzgerald. Just after that we got the USS Fitzgerald crash story and then a few weeks later we got this George Pell story. 

Not sure what I'm supposed to see with this is interesting that the reason I got on Facebook was to look at an obituary of 2 people I know who recently died...
Both their names add to 50....
Dan Behrendt=50
Both give me memories to the KC "Chiefs"=50
But like I said before the Chiefs seem to be showing the Steelers...
Also in the video about Ridiculousness I noticed I kept saying "Ridiculous" without even meaning to. 

Don't have time to look at this more right now, but wondering what they want me to see....
Steelo Brim Youtube Video

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