Sunday, December 10, 2017

Comment on old Youtube Video-Gabriel and other stuff I've documented

I got this comment a few hours ago on an old video. The reason these people don't understand the video is because they didn't watch all of my previous videos explaining more of what I was talking about leading up to this video. 
Anyway there's some interesting things in regards to this.... I always get comments on old videos, or something that sticks out such as a copyright claim that is coded. I've been saying forever that something seems to be helping me understand this stuff by doing so as well. 

I swear every time someone talks shit they never have any subscribers or sub any channel too. 

Frederick Louis Maytag=318(reverse)
Anyway notice that the Maytag guy died 3 months 18 days after his bday on 3/26.....
Both important numbers I have documented all year. 
318 the supposed "God" number....and 326 what I have called the "Gabriel" Number. 

The reason all of this sticks out to me is because earlier I got yet another spammed comment on my old post on 3/26. I have documented about this blog post a bunch of times. It's the only out of how many I have that continually gets these spammed comments on. 
Earlier tonight I thought how it's been crazy that lately I've been getting spammed on this post again an thought about Gabriel as this post was on 3/26. 
Then I got on Facebook and one of the first posts on my feed was about someone named Gabriel. I didn't take as screenshot of it though and I wish I would've now. I'll add it if I find it again. 

The reason I find all of this important is because lately I have been covering the importance of 231 and the Flag/National Anthem...
Frederick Louis Maytag I=231
Ha and My girlfriend just text me a second ago at 5:13 am.....
Remember the connection to 326 and 513 in regards to Gabriel. 

Funny how I was talking about the significance of 88 and the Maytag Neptune Dryer. 
Maytag Neptune Dryer=88

Funny too that a few of my friends came over around 2am after the bar closed and just left a few minutes ago. When they got here I turned on the TV and of course Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was on....I just posted about this film last night on Zenith of the Alpha's video. 

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