Friday, December 15, 2017

Comment on Simpsons Bart to the Future Video same day we find out The Simpsons predicted Disney to Buy Fox

This Simpsons predict Disney to buy Fox article keeps coming up on the top of my CNN page. I decided to click on it and see what it was about. 
The reason I'm even making this post is because earlier before seeing this article someone had commented on my old video about The Simpsons predicting Donald Trump as the President. 
Now I'm seeing this article about the Simpsons predicting something else. 
Possibly this person just saw the article too and found my video from it, but still worth documenting. No one has commented on this video for a long time though so the timing is odd.  

I know I've seen this Simpsons episode before as well, but I'll re-watch it when I have time and possibly document more about this story. 
Fifty Two Point Four Billion=317(reverse)
317 a number that has been significant to The Simpsons I've documented. 

Remember how the Bart to the Future episode video I made was wrong because it was all reversed. A few months later we learned the significance of Reverse Gematria...
Indians=47(rev red)
Hillary Clinton=206(reverse)
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)
Cubs win and the reverse connection Trump Wins. 

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  1. This yet profound but still minor. The story of California who predicted her husbands Sugar Robinson is also someone I was reading about. Supposedly he was dreaming of a fighters death the night before the fight. The guy was spooked as hell! Don't believe me? It's all here if u think I'm full of shit Oh and did you know the stories of mark twain and having premonitions. Guy was born on the night of Haileys comet and died on the same night it returned like 70 years later? Guy even predicted his own brothers death.