Monday, December 11, 2017

South Park Chef Goes Nanners about the racist Flag-Isaac Hayes quits South Park in connection to Scientology

I haven't been keeping up on the new South Park's lately so last night I watched all but the newest episode called "Splatty Tomato". 
Anyway today I went to watch it and I must've clicked on Watch a Random episode instead of the new episode. I had it on Full Screen so I didn't realize it wasn't the new episode. I kept thinking how did they bring Chef back on the show? Now I see why as I was watching an old episode called "Chef Goes Nanners". 
The reason for the blog post is because what are the odds somehow this episode came on rather than any of the other 287 episodes? 

Chef Goes Nanners is all about South Park having a racist Flag and arguing over changing the Flag. Which is why I kept watching it even though Chef was in it. It makes sense this would be a new episode considering the Flag stuff. I just kept thinking possibly they just got a new guy who can do the same voice as Isaac Hayes and brought Chef back for an episode. 

Chef Goes Nanners came out on 7/5/2000 which is probably why I don't remember it too. 
A flag episode came out 17 years ago. 

Isaac Hayes quit South Park after they did the Scientology episode with Tom Cruise in the closet, but the last episode that he voiced Chef was called "Die Hippie Die". 
Notice it's about Cartman capturing 63 Hippies in his basement. 
Die Hippie Die=63(rev red)
I'm interested it came out on 3/16 too(something that's been coming up a lot recently). 
Earlier today we went to Denison and my girlfriend needed to be back for work. The clock in our car is still set an hour ahead from the time change and I didn't realize this. I was speeding on the way home and when I got in town the bank clock said "3:16". I then realized the clock was wrong in our car and we were back in plenty of time. 
Thomas Mapother Cruise IV=316(reverse)

Isaac Hayes quit South Park on 3/13/2006. 
Notice that was on L. Ron Hubbards birthday or what would've been his 95th bday. 

L. Ron Hubbard dies 1 month 17 days before his birthday. 

Hayes quits South Park 117 days after the Scientology episode and also on L. Ron Hubbard's bday. 
Hayes died age 65....
L. Ron Hubbard=65

Dianetics=48, 60(rev red), 84, 159(reverse) also 261(Jewish)
Interesting a new "261"....meaning through mind.....

Scientology=54(reduced), 54(reverse reduced)
It came out in 54'. 
Tilden Nebraska=54(where L. Ron Hubbard born)
Makes me think of Hayes-Tilden presidential election too. 

Hayes birthday is 5 months 4 days before L. Ron Hubbard's bday. 

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