Thursday, December 28, 2017

Nebraska Cornhuskers-The Blackshirts-Lane Kiffin in Espn headline

I just went to a bit ago and this was the main story. I'm only posting this as I find it interesting that I recently mentioned Lane Kiffin in regards to Nebraska and the Rams connections. 

I'm basically just making this post to add information to my blog that is in my wordpad and old videos but not on this blog. 
So Lane Kiffin was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and he is the son of Monte Kiffin. 

Monte was a coach at Nebraska who succeeded George Kelly. Kelly was the defensive coach who popularized the Blackshirts...
Bob Devaney was the head coach at the time as well. 
Blackshirts=41 and 59(s)
Husker Defense=59
Don Bryant=41(guy who credits Kelly)
George Kelly=59(originated Blackshirts)
Monte Kiffin=59(when name stuck)
Bob Devaney=41, 59(v)

Bob Devaney died on 5/9 too. 
The reason this is more interesting in regards to Lane Kiffin is that Devaney died on his 22nd bday. 
May Ninth=41
Memorial=41(where Nebraska plays)
Red N=41
Husker Fans=41

The Blackshirts known for throwing the bones by making the "X" symbol with their arms. 
Skull and Bones=41

It's also interesting that in the top picture Alabama is # 4 and Clemson in # 1. 
Remember last year I mentioned how Nebraska's coach Mike Riley played for Alabama in 1971 when Nebraska won Back to Back Championships in the 70' and 71' seasons. 
Nebraska=71 and won their first championship on 1/1/71. 
Interesting they beat LSU and then Alabama....
LSU Tigers....
Clemson Tigers...

Last year there was a big connection to the death of Sam Foltz,  Mike Sadler,  and LSU's Colby Delahoussaye that survived. 

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