Sunday, December 17, 2017

Power Outage in Atlanta Airport-Illuminating Light-Super Bowl

Today's big news story is the power outage/blackout at the Atlanta Airport. Notice how they keep saying "Illuminating". One big beam of light Illuminating the area lol. It's fitting for Atlanta and Atlantis. 

Of course there is some type of ritual for this story in regards to the Super Bowl. 
Atlanta Georgia=131
Super Bowl=131

World's Busiest Airport=131(rev red)
Power Outage=52(rev red)....SB 52...
Notice how they bring up that cell phones aren't working just like if they were at a big sporting event? 
"Paralyzed" makes me think of Ryan Shazier although he's not paralyzed that was the worry. 
I've been mentioning how 231 is important with the Flag Symbolism...some things I noticed today....
ATL=231(eng ext)
Rams=231(english ext)
Thinking about the Blackout Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens and the 49ers....
49ers is where the National Anthem stuff began...
Baltimore Ravens=231(reverse)
Minnesota Vikings=231(reverse) SB.
National Anthem=231(reverse) 
Also in regards to a Blackout/Power Outage...
Ariana Grande=231(reverse) just thinking in regards to a big event attack... They tell us that a lot of the people are having trouble getting cell phone service, yet the picture they are showing was taken from a girl who posted it on Facebook. 

Brittny Lynne=146(reverse)
Power Outage=146
Notice her real name last name is Dettro though. 

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  1. 77 weeks and 3 days since the Brexit Vote. So this is the 78th week since Brexit=78. It is also 49 days until the Superbowl(7×7), and 37 weeks 3 days since the I-85 bridge collapse on 3/30. 45 weeks exactly since the Superbowl.