Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dutch and Dutchsinse YT Channel-62-Cuss Words in relation a recent Zach video

I just watched Zach's video about the show Wednesday and some lady commenting about him cussing too much. 
Robin Smith=62(rev red)
Swear Words=62(rev red)
Curse Words=62(rev red)
Curse=33(rev red)
Cuss Words=33
F Bombs=33(rev red)
Zach even mentions episode 62 on the Gematria effect. 
This is the stuff that I am talking about. You can tell he's just talking and this randomly comes up,  yet has a connection to the other things in the video. 

Anyway I go to this persons channel and see they've most recently subscribed to "Dutchsinse". 

I've recently mentioned how there might be something to do with the word "Dutch" and I even got this comment on my Philadelphia Area Earthquake post about Dutchsinse. Dutchsinse predicted an Earthquake in the area just before the Delaware earthquake too. 

So just interesting I mention Dutch, then someone tells me about Dutchsinse and now I'm seeing Dutchsinse again on something and have never heard of the channel before the other day. 


  1. Dutchsinse is not to be trusted. He lies about Fukushima and the broken marine life food chain it has created. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE2rZOVPBHBY3mS0mBwwqZw

  2. This is pretty funny, considering I had text you earlier tonight and I told you about the "news" story about the baby girl who was choking, and saved by a police officer. 62 was a theme in that story as well.

    Baby Bella = 62
    America Strong = 62
    Georgia = 62