Monday, December 4, 2017

Death of my Girlfriends Uncle-Experience at Village Pointe Shopping Center

My girlfriends uncle was found dead on 11/28. 
His visitation was today and the funeral tomorrow....
Anyway I noticed something interesting about how they wrote up his obituary. They left out his middle name and just put "R". I guess it's Roland/Rowland? Not sure of the spelling and I don't want to ask at this time. 

So he dies 67 days before his bday. 
James R. Cowgill Jr=67
He was born on a date numerology of 67 too. 

Anyway before we went to the visitation we had to drive to West Omaha at a shopping area called Village Pointe. Our daughter Claire was there getting pictures taken with her real Dads family. 
As we were in the parking lot, I told my girlfriend about the last time I was at this shopping center. I was sitting at a stop sign outside of Scheels and randomly my cousin Justin walked across the street in front of me. I hadn't seen him in forever and thought how funny I see my cousin walk right in front of me about an hour and a half from where I live. 
So after I tell her the story we got out of the car and started walking towards the place where Claire was getting her pictures taken. It just so happened to be right next door to a store called "Claires" too. As we get right in front of the store though I heard someone yell, "Behrendt". I looked over and my cousin Amber is walking around with her husband and one of their kids. 
I mean what are the odds I'm telling this story about seeing my cousin at this place and then it happens again with a different cousin? 
Possibly nothing as it could be worded differently, but I noticed this...
Cousins Amber and Justin=316(reverse)
Village Pointe Shopping Center=316
Village Pointe=66(red), 69(rev red)
Cousin Amber=69(rev red)
Cousin Justin=66

I've only been to Village Pointe about 5 to 10 times ever, but my girlfriend and I went and saw this movie there on our first date for whatever the reason. 
Interesting it's about "Twins" and came out on 11/11/11. 
Makes me think about the Happy Gilmore Comcast center stuff I've recently brought back up....I also watched "Big Daddy" last night when I got home from Djing. 

Interesting too that her Uncle died 318 days after my Uncle died in 2017. Remember his bday was 3 months 18 days before mine. My Grandma died 318 days after my bday this year and more. 

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  1. Happened to all my fam Dan, Mum, Grandad etc. 117 is my reoccuring number.