Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Number 23(Film) re-examined-Joel Schumacher-The Lost Boys-Keifer Sutherland-Corey Feldman and more

I rewatched the film "The Number 23" 2 nights ago/last night/tonight. 
I went to Netflix and it was the first movie that came up on my girlfriends account and it drew my attention so I watched it. 
I fell asleep and just finished it last night.  

There's a lot of things I never noticed when watching this movie years ago. To the average person watching this movie makes you think what he is doing with numbers is "Crazy". It makes you think he is creating whatever he wants with the number 23, but if you pay attention the number really does follow him. 

They do make it seem crazy on some parts of the film such as here.
The Suicide Blonde says her favorite color is Pink. 
Pink is Red and White. 
R=18, E=5, D=4(Red=27)
W=23, H=8, I=9, T=20, E=5(White=65)
Pink has 4 letters. 
92 divided by 4 equals "23". 
In reality it's not that complicated:
P=7, I=9, N=5, K=2(Pink=23)

He then tells how he doesn't understand the suicide blonde so he just asks her about Coffee. 
Coffee=23(rev red)

He finds out he is actually the killer with 23 minutes left in the movie. 
The Number Twenty Three=98
The film is 98 minutes long. 

So the whole point of the movie is that his wife gives him a book that you later find out he wrote called "The Number 23". Notice the address where she randomly finds this book..5+9+9=23(as expected for the film along with lots of other 23 you could say purposely in the film. )
She finds this book on his birthday which is 2/3. 
The point I'm making is his wife randomly finds this book. She had no idea that he wrote it and gives it to him for his bday? 
He met his wife when she was 23 years old. 
They met on 9/14...9+14=23
They married on 10/14...10+14=23
I see where this could be reaching as they don't give you the year, but still....how did she randomly find this book for him? He didn't fudge the numbers for that to happen. 
His drivers license number adds to 23. 
His social security number adds to 23. 
He was born at 11:12...11+12=23
He didn't make any of this up or plan it...he was just born into it. 

He also keeps seeing the dog "Ned" all throughout the film...
But why does Ned keep coming up in his life? He's not making Ned show up by fudging the numbers to fit his needs. 

His first experience with the Dog is because he was called out at his job 1 minute before he was off duty on channel 23. He didn't manipulate the fact he was on Channel 23 either. The only reason he got called out was because at a Christmas party on the 23rd of December he was mean to his coworker. She was the one who made him take the call 1 minute before he was off, which in turn made him late with his wife. This in turn made her see the book at the book store to give to him. 
It's just a big chain of events which seem controlled by the number. Something I have been saying for a long time in regards to our media and my own life experiences since learning more about numerology and gematria. 

He explains in a flashback how he kills his girlfriend and the teacher gets blamed for it. Before this though he sees the teacher talking about the esoteric procession of 23. Then later he finds the teacher having sex with her. 
He later gets a note from his girlfriend and when he circles every 23rd letter it says "Kill Her". 

His girlfriend lives in room # 23 which is where he kills her after she tells him to. She dies on her 23rd birthday in Room 23. 
He didn't make the numbers fit for all of that to happen. The teacher talks about 23, then his girlfriends note says "Kill Her" on every 23rd letter. She lives in room # 23? He had no control over that. 
He then goes to the King Edward Hotel and rents a room....Which the clerk gives him room 23. He doesn't ask for that specific room, or at least they don't show that in the film. He ends up writing all over the walls and writing his book in this hotel. Then he tries to kill himself by jumping out the window but lives. He gets amnesia and stays at the Nathaniel Institute until he is deemed mentally healthy. 

He meets his wife outside of the Nathaniel Institute the day he was released. It's not by chance, it's all part of the script for him to meet her on that day when she was 23. He has no control of that happening. 

The reason the book "The Number 23" exists is because one of his Doctors kept it and got obsessed with 23 just as he did. 

Look at the Doctors name and room number where "Agatha"(Carrey's wife) learns about the Doctor's Obsession. 
Room 318....The God number and so on...
His name is "Sirius"....ha like the Dog Star. 
Which makes even more sense why the Dog "Ned" is so important to the film. Dog/God. 
You often see the Eye of Horus associated with Sirius as well. 

This movie is the most obvious movie I have ever seen showing Gematria/chain of events to the world. It's interesting they also emphasize "reversing" the number 23 as well. We know the reverse method is absolutely significant in gematria. 

While reading the book he finds the similarities to his own life. For example in the book the kid follows the dog to the neighbors house and finds her dead on his 8th birthday on 2/3. 
What are the odds his birthday is 2/3 as well? He didn't create that in his brain. 
Eight=23(reverse reduced)

He brings up "Time" more than once in the film as well. He says time is just a counting system....numbers with meaning attached to them. 
This movie is actually a lot more revealing when you have a better understanding of what is truly going on in the world we live. 

The film also brings up "23" Facts such as the Earth's axis is 23 degrees but actually it's 23.5...and "obsessed" people would say well 2+3=5 hence the 23.5......remember the Tropics are 23.5 north and south....
They also mention Euclid has 23 Axioms in Geometry. 
Euclid the founder of Geometry...
Geometry=108 and 108(reverse)

Number Twenty Three=223(reverse)
The Number Twenty Three: A Novel Of Obsession by Topsy Kretts=223
The film came out on 2/23. 

It's also interesting that this is the 2nd film Jim Carrey was on that Joel Schumacher directed with the first being "Batman Forever". 
Remember in Batman Forever Carrey is the Riddler who uses Gematria in his riddles as well. 
The Number 23 is about Carrey's character being obsessed with the "23 Enigma"...
In Batman Forever his name is "Edward Nygma" E Nygma is how Batman figures out the riddle too. 
Batman Forever Riddler uses Gematria is Puzzles Blog Post

Notice Joel Schumacher also did "The Lost Boys" and "Flatliners" and helped Keifer Sutherland launch his career. 
It's also interesting that he later went on to direct film adaptations of John Grisham books...Remember the first person Corey Feldman(Lost Boys) named was Jon Grissom and people got it confused with John Grisham? 
Feldman Grissom/Grisham Post

Jim Carrey is in so many revealing films too such as "The Truman Show"....remember a while back I documented about the USS Fitzgerald and the film Bruce Almighty being on? Where Jim Carrey plays "God"....
Jim Carrey-Fitzgerald-John McCain-Bruce Almighty Post
How interesting in the post above I was mentioning John McCain because of the USS John McCain....notice McCain and Schumacher born on the same day 8/29. 
I just documented about "62" in regards to Zach's video....
Carrey born in 62'
Navy=62...Fitzgerald had the number "62" on it. 
Grace Connelly=62(Bruce Almighty's girlfriend)
I even posted about it on 6/20....62...
Joel T. Schumacher=62

8/29 leaves 124 days in the year....
I started this blog post on 12/4.... but was researching some stuff in between like I always do and just now posting it. 

Also in the film he says it all started with the Christmas Party on 12/23...which was 42 days before his bday...
Saturn=42(rev red)
Dog Star=42

Ha and just as I type that about Birthday of course I hear the TV singing Happy Birthday. It was Mr. Miyagi singing to Danielson. 


  1. Guess how old Ralph Macchio was when Karate Kid released in 1984?? 23. Lol.

    There is even more going on in the movie 23, as it serves as a precursor to the death of Jim Carrey's ex-fiancé years later. Amongst the random scribblings you see during the credits, her deathdate appears. Also, 23 is often a number given to Satan worship, The Number Twenty Three=969 Satanic.