Friday, December 29, 2017

Death of Shannon Hoon(Blind Melon) in connection to "No Rain" and the "Bee Girl"-Synchronicity listening to Derek's Live Stream # 3-Time

Sam made a blog post looking at some musicians who died age 28. I did a little research to add to what he found. 
Sam's Blog Post

The first thing he mentioned was the death of Shannon Hoon in connection to the song "No Rain" and the famous "Bee Girl". I noticed a big 68 connection..

Richard Hoon=68
He died 68 days(end date) after his final album titled "Soup". 
Funny it's Alphabet soup in the picture as well. 
Sixty Eight=56
Shannon Hoon=56

The single for the song "No Rain" came out on 6/8..
Notice the song is 3:37 in length as well. 
337 is the 68th prime number. 

The Bee Girl's real name is Heather DeLoach. 
Heather DeLoach=68

Another musician he mentioned who died age 28 was the singer for Sublime Bradley Nowell. 
Notice he was born in 68'. 
Bradley Nowell=68(rev red)
Twenty Eight Club=68

I also noticed Hoon died 103 days before the "Bee Girl's" 13th bday. 
Hoon died on "October Twenty First"=103(rev red)

It's funny that Sam made that blog post on 12/27 and then the next day someone got on Wikipedia and changed Hoon's death year and some other stuff. I can't see why someone would do this considering how long ago he died...can't imagine a lot of updates would be needed to his wiki page, but of course I have been documenting wiki doing this stuff for a long time. 
Makes me wonder a lot of things...such as did they know I would look at this page or someone else? The reason I even noticed this was because I noticed the years didn't make sense for him to die age 28 if he died in 94'..

The other person he documented in the blog was Pennywise bassist Jason Thirsk who died age 28. 
I didn't see any 68 connections that stuck out to me right away but I did notice an interesting thing about his death in regards to Time.  

The last album that was released before his death was called "About Time" and then the album after he died was called "Full Circle". Interesting the next album is called "Straight Ahead" too. 

About Time=56(rev red)...."Sixty Eight"=56
Anyway think about Time and Circles. 
Circles=69 also 314(satanic)...

That's why Saturn is known for it's Rings and is the keeper of Time. 
Jason Thirsk=144
Time=144(Jewish) and 47. 
Full Circle=47
1,440 minutes in a day. 
I also mentioned how 88 is the 4 circles made up of 360 degrees 4 times. 
Four Circles=69(rev red)

Ha also I started listening to Derek's live stream while typing this. Right as I typed in "Circle" on the Gematrinator Derek started talking about Circles....He then pointed out a story about Wendy's...

"One Hundred Forty Four"=261
14/4 leaves 261 days in the year. 
Remember I had the $2.61 experience at Wendy's on the 261st day of the year with a bunch of other 261 stuff going on that day with my band called the "Punch Clock Martyrs".  How funny I never thought about how it relates to Time previously. 

Circle=50.....which is interesting at the Wendy's stuff was connected to the Twins stuff....
Twins=50.....a lot more in regards to 50...
Live Stream Number Three=314(reverse)
Live Stream Number Three Featuring Zenith of the Alpha America=263
Two Hundred Sixty One=263

Also something I just noticed...
Sixty Nine=50(rev red)
Forty Seven=50

I'm listening to the Live Stream from the beginning now and I see Derek had talked about the Circle stuff in the beginning too. I wasn't listening until later on in the stream so still interesting how it happened....Just as I type in Circle he starts talking about it again without me knowing that was a concept they were talking about in the show. 


  1. Well....I do talk about circles a LOT =D

  2. Blind Melon =46. Hoon =64 died in his 1464th week of life. Lyndon Johnson =64 died 1464 days after leaving office and "President Lincoln" =64 died 1464 days after the Civil War began. Henry Rathbone, in the booth with Lincoln that night, died EXACTLY 46 years 4 months after the assassination. President Kennedy =1464 was born 464 weeks before the birth of "Queen Elizabeth" =640 and was assassinated at age 46 the year before ‘64. Kurt Cobain =464 died the day before 4/6.

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