Thursday, December 21, 2017

Now an "83" synch after I'm off work- Both Syncs today connected to the number 50.

I just got off work as I only had to work a few hours today. I sat down and looked at Sam's blog. He just watched the film "Pi" and was thinking about super computers and the gematrinator. 
Notice the main character in the film has 83 Gematria just like Derek. 

I figured I would look and see what the 83rd Fibonacci number. I've never seen the movie but looking at the description on wiki I thought Fibonacci numbers may be important to it. 
Right as I search for the 83rd Fibonacci I get a notification all about 83. 
Salochin Notlimah=83(s) as well. 

Been a fun day of synchronicty already. 
Something I noticed in regards to my post before work...
Thirty Two=50
Eighty Three=50(rev red)
Dan Behrendt=50

The big story I keep seeing on Facebook is about some local Twins breaking records in basketball. 
The Boys name gematria is also 83. 

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