Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Death of Cardinal Law-Spotlight Film-Synchronicity listening to the Gematria Effect

It makes sense this guy would die this year. I blogged about him and this movie on 5/30-5/31...because of the film "Spotlight" and Child Molesting Priests. 

Notice he died 1 months 17 days(end date) after his bday. 
Michael Keaton=117
Eighty Six=117(reverse)...He dies age 86. 
When I talked about this in my previous post I noticed every priest I remember in my town was connected to 63. Along with the death of my Uncle age 63. 
Sixty Three=117

Bernard Law dies 84 days after the Jesuit anniversary...
Law became the archbishop in Boston in 1984. 

Cardinal Law=44, 98
Bernard Law=44, 98
This makes me think about Tom Brady and the Patriots...Boston...

Ha right as I typed Patriots the caller on the Gematria Effect said "Patriot Act". 

Anyway what I was typing was...
Tom Brady=98 also 46(rev red)
Patriots=98(reverse) also 46

He died 46 days before SB 52. 

Also without the end date he died 46 days after his bday. 
Boston Massachusetts=116(rev red)
He also died in Rome, Italy. 
Rome, Italy=46
Catholic=46(rev red)

The Super Bowl is on the 35th day of the year. 

Seriously go listen to the Gematria Effect. The kid calls in about Cardinal Law and even mentions Spotlight just before the commercial at the 116 minute mark.  Then the first commercial begins with Hello Youtube I Hope you're ready...."Spotlight" is on just after it comes to 117 minutes. 
Law dies 1 month 16 days or 1 month 17 days(end date) after his bday. They even later mention Cardinal Bernard Law during the commercial before going back to the show. 
I should know who the caller is because I know they have commented before. I'm sorry I should remember who you are by now if you are reading this. 

Who knows we will see what happens and learn more a long the way.  Possibly all of the Bridge Symbolism and stuff with Steelers is just to show us the Bridge symbolism and remind us of the Minnesota Bride collapse. Last year a ton of stuff lined up for the Dolphins, but it was just connected to the Dolphins as it was showing me the Falcons. The Falcons also had the big Jesuit/Cardinal connection. 

Something that stood out to me with the caller on the Gematria effect is that Law was appointed on 1/11. 

A big thing in connection to my previous post about Spotlight was the priest who supposedly molested me. Notice he was born on 1/11. 
Bernard Francis Law=111(rev red)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=111
Father Howard Fitzgerald=116(rev red)
Father Fitzgerald=86(rev red)
One Hundred Eleven=171 also 261(reverse)
261 I still don't know what it means for sure? 
Boston Globe=171
Ha this Gematria Effect is blowing my mind. This guy is talking about the film Pixels and how they show Pac Man eating the Golden Gate Bridge. Yet in the film they never ever have anything to do with San Francisco. Possibly this guy has watched my old videos, or just figured it out on his own. Not that it matters, but I have to be one of the first people to ever bring that up in a video. 
Pixels decoded video playlist
It's funny too that Adam Sandler's Character in the film is good at video games because he has figured out the patterns. Think about that in regards to synchronicty and gematria. His best friend Will Cooper becomes president(Bill Cooper). 

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