Friday, December 8, 2017

Fingerling Monkey Toy-The Number 23-Pinky Finger-Pink(singer)-There You Go-Pink Floyd

My daughter really wants one of these Toys for Christmas. I didn't even know what it was called but her cousin has one and they said they spent $30 on it. I thought that's a lot for a toy that looks like it could be in a Claw Machine. 
Anyway my boss asked me what I'm getting Claire for Christmas on Tuesday and the only toy I mentioned was this one. I said she wants some monkey finger puppet thing as I didn't know the name of it. My boss then went on to say it's a really popular toy and a bunch of people are spending way too much money on them. I said, well that's crazy as I just saw these at a gas station and they were $14.99. 
So now today my girlfriend got paid and went to the gas station and they are sold out. When she text me however she told me the gas station was out of "Fingerlings". Instantly I started laughing as these things are called "Fingerlings" the Jim Carrey's detective character in "The Number 23". 

Carrey's character Walter Sparrow even says how Fingerling in the book seems to have a lot of similarities to his own life. Then says to his wife, "How many people do you know that have read Fingerling at the Zoo". 
It's just so weird and random. I only re-watched this film because it was the first thing to show up on my girlfriends Netflix account. Then I make a blog post about it....Now I find out a main toy we are trying to get my daughter for Christmas is called a "Fingerling"? 
It's not like the word "Fingerling" is common either. 
Fingerling=65, 101, 52(rev red), 169(reverse) also 223(Jewish)
Philadelphia=65, 101, 61(rev red), 223(reverse)

This is all you get when you search "Fingerling" on Wikipedia. 
Notice it's also used in Fiction in a "DUTCH" film and book called "Pinkeltje". 

Pinkeltje means little pinky....
Pinky Finger=666(Jewish)
Fingers=666(rev sumerian)
Also in The Number 23 when you first learn about Gematria, it involves the crazy way to come come up with "Pink". 
On 9/18 I had 2 posts about Pinky and the Brain as well in regards to the death of the Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Facebook bringing up Pinky and The Brain right after I mentioned them in my original post. 
Pinky and the Brain=261(reverse)
The Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinky, Try ToTake over the World=261(rev red)

I also wonder if it's something to do with Pink the musician? 
She's even musically out of Philadelphia and born in Doylestown that is very close to Philadelphia. 
Maybe she will be singing the national anthem at Super Bowl 52? 

What are the odds of this? Pink's first hit single was called "There You Go"....
Read my post from last night about Alex Jones and my Cat in regards to the phrase "There You Go". 
There You Go-Alex Jones Blog Post

Funny at the end of this video she randomly puts on a Cowboy hat too. It's really pointless to the video and I find it odd...Why a Cowboy hat? 

Why does Wikipedia even mention this about the music video too? 
They tell us about at the end of the video Pink crashes a motorcyle through her ex boyfriends window. Notice his name is "Floyd" though. 
Pink Floyd....

A Roger Water's death would be fitting for all the Wildfire stuff and he's a perfect age to go too. 
The Wall...The Moon Symbolism....


  1. Dan you forgot to mention in that screen shot of the movie the number 23 the time stamp is at 118 like Philadelphia, or predictive programming

  2. Correction
    Philadelphia Pennsylvania = 118
    Predictive programming = 118

  3. Also just watched a movie about studio musicians it was called HIred Guns and Pink was in it.

  4. Just want you to know I re-watched 'The Number 23' because of your vid and blog. It reminded me of why I watched it the first time.

    It was about a year ago I was shopping in the grocery store and the total came to 11:36 and the time was 11:35 am (or something like this, I kept the receipt and now can't find it), anyway I said to the check out girl, 'Imagine that, 11:36 @11:35, that was close' Then she said, 'Did you ever see The Number 23? Nothing more, not too deep, just a casual statement. That's why we watched it originally. Yeah, it was 'dark'. But I went back to watch it last night because of you. There is a There, there. Thanks for your insights.