Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Touch(TV Show)-Red String of Fate-Red String Kabbalah Bracelet-Geometry

I was watching Zach's video about Geometry and how to try and awaken your family and friends. i
Anyway I recently mentioned Euclid because of "The Number 23". 
Euclid the Father of Geometry...
Zach's video I'm referring to
Anyway I started thinking about Geometry and Lines and Circles, which reminded me of the TV Show Touch. In the beginning of the first episode the kid tells us about the Myth of the Red String of Fate. How the gods tied a string around everyone's ankle because their lives are supposed to "Touch" at some point.  He understands how the mathematical code of the string works and helps guide people along so their lives "Touch" at the right moment basically. 

Star Wars Family Guy Red Kabbalah Bracelet
Anyway it reminded of when I posted about the Star Wars Family Guy talking about the Red String Kabbalah Bracelet. 
So Touch talks about the Red String connecting everything together and how it's used with Mathematics. 
Kabbalah is mathematics showing the coding of the language. (Red String). 
I even talked about how in the bible the Red String is mentioned with "Twins" symbolism. 
I wonder if I was supposed to understand more of the Red String and how it's connected to Geometry/Phi and interrelated events? Or just how everything is connected for a reason? Possibly why I have been shown Kiefer Sutherland a lot lately? 

I just recently re-mentioned "Sirius"...which is the Twin/Binary Star....

In Freemasonry the Twin Pillars are connected to the Sun and the Moon...(Good/ above so below). The Middle Pillar is the "Perfected Man" that is represented by Sirius. 
Zach talks about the Sun and the Moon in his video...
The Sun is supposedly 108 times it's diameter from the Earth. 
The Moon is supposedly 108 times it's diameter from the Earth. 

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