Thursday, December 14, 2017

Death of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee-Murder of Harvey Milk and 37th Mayor of SF George Moscone-Steelers-Bridge Symbolism-Gilbert Baker Gay Flag Creator death

San Francisco's mayor Ed Lee died on December 12th age 65. 
The first thing I think of is the death of the 37th Mayor of San Francisco George Moscone. He's also the last mayor of San Francisco to die. 
I made a video and blog post on Moscone as it was connected to the death of the Rainbow FLAG creator Gilbert Baker earlier this year. 
Moscone was murdered with Harvey Milk by Dan White. Milk was the first gay elected politician in California and he inspired Gilbert Baker to create the Rainbow Flag(Gay symbol). 
Rainbow Flag creator dies-George Moscone and Harvey Milk assassination

Moscone and Milk died 55 days before the Steelers won Super Bowl 13. 

Notice Ed Lee the recent San Francisco mayor died 55 days(end date) before Super Bowl 52 born in 52'. 
He was also born on 5/5. 
Minnesota=52(rev red)

He also died 257 days(end date) after Gilbert Baker. 
257 is the 55th prime number. 

Steelers=50(rev red)
San Francisco=50
Super Bowl=50 

Without the end date it's 54 days...
Edwin Mah Lee=54 and 54(rev red)
Asian American=54
Rainbow Flag=54

He died 7 months 7 days after his bday. 
San Francisco Mayor=77, 103(rev red)
Ed Lee=77(e)
Edwin Lee=77

London Breed became acting mayor after he died. 
Notice he was the 43rd mayor and she is 43 years old. 
London Breed=54
Acting Mayor=54

She becomes mayor 4 months 1 day after he bday...
Super Bowl=41

Think about here name as well in regards to the Steelers connections....
London.....Big Ben(Roethlisberger)? 

Her statement about the death was that Lee believed in above all else building BRIDGES and solving problems? 
Pittsburgh the city of Bridges. I mean why would she even say that? 
San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge important as well. 
Her name being London has me thinking about the London Bridge is falling down, falling down. 
If the Steelers do win this Super Bowl a big piece of the coding is the Bridge symbolism in regards to the Minnesota Bridge Collapse. 

It also makes me think of the London Bridge Attack earlier this year just after the Ariana Grande concert attack. They kept making us wonder if big events were safe to attend anymore. 
Ariana Grande=231(reverse)
National Anthem=231(reverse)

Another interesting thing is that the London Bridge Attack was 8 months 1 day before SB 52.  
Remember the Minnesota Bridge Collapse happened on 8/1..2007. 
The Bridge Fell 81 feet. 
Notice it happened at 6:05 as well. 
Bridge Collapse=65
Lee dies age 65....
Eighty One=54

The Bridge was replaced by the 
"Saint Anthony Falls Bridge"=231
Saint Anthony give me a break. 

He dies age 65 and they aren't going to replace him until a vote on 6/5? 
The term expires on 1/8 or 8/1....2020. 

His name also reminds me of the country Mali...Mah Lee? or Molly? We'll see if we get any stories involving Molly or something alike soon. 


  1. London, and Patriots signed Britt. Think there will be an incident in England again. Those are some very broad shoulders and a big ol noggin. It’s sick that when you think on the biblical meaning of a rainbow as gods forgiveness that gays which is blasphemous in gods eye is dimented into a symbol so anti Christian.

  2. I heard Lee was murdered related to an investigation of the Community Housing Partnership involving fraud in the Section 8 Housing Tax Credit program. What's frustrating is multiple intelligent educated people I know say he was murdered and don't believe he died of natural causes, but then they don't ask the logical follow-up question of how can the media uniformly not look into it and then understand the propaganda machine.