Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sam and I Got Blocked in the Jordan Maxwell Conspiracy Facebook Group for sharing Gematria-More Thoughts on the level of Deception

I woke up around 1:30pm today and I had a message from my friend Sam in regards to the Jordan Maxwell Conspiracy Research Facebook account. He asked if I was having trouble logging into it, because he couldn't get on it. So I figured I'd check and see if I could get on it. It's completely deleted now and doesn't show up when I search it. I thought possibly it got shut down or something of the sort. I logged in to Facebook with a different account I had made years ago and I found it right away. It turns out we both got blocked from the page. Sam even messaged Russell Blattberg the creator of the page about it. He said that Russell checked the message and then blocked him. 

This is all that comes up when I search the Group now too. Just wanted to show I have been blocked. I put the picture at top to reference that such a page did exist. 

Here is proof that the site still exists too. This is a screenshot of a different account I have on Facebook in which I found the page. 
If you're wondering why I have a Facebook with the name "Jim" it's because I used to have a whole bunch of fake accounts. My friends created a fake "White Trash" Family called the Manes and added people we know. They would have white trash conversations with each other to confuse people...such as Ralphy Mane was doing his Grandma and his dad was pissed. I created a whole bunch of accounts to talk to the Mane family and so on... 

The reason we got blocked was because we shared the above on the page last night. Other than that I've only wrote a few things on this page and Sam as far as I know hasn't either. 
Sam's Blog Post

I could see us getting blocked on this site if we were trolling people and speaking Hate on the site, but that's not the case. It was only because we were sharing Gematria...
Russell Blattberg is supposedly a friend of Jordan Maxwell and so on....The name alone tells me why we got blocked. 
A lot of controlled people everywhere. They let people talk about anything else on that page but not Gematria apparently. 
They want people to be awake like I have previously stated, but they don't want people to know everything. 
It seems they only want people to know stuff that can't really be proved or will be argued about with no end. 
Flat Earth, Mandela Effect, Hollywood Molesters, Pizzagate, Aliens, Chemtrails, Vaccines and so on..
Not to say that these things don't exist or aren't true as I don't know for sure. The point I'm making is they want people to be awake on these topics and it's just a never ending argument. Topics to keep us occupied and nothing more. 

 Other stuff they allow is people to think things can be changed by "voting" out politicians and using the system in a "better" way. The system will never allow that to happen as the whole system is controlled.  

Or letting us know about the Federal Reserve System....What better way to bring in a new system?... If enough people learn about the Federal Reserve and finally bring it down. They will think the new system is something new, free and not controlled. In reality the same people who programmed them to bring it down will control the new system just the same. The Revolutionary War is proof of ridding a "bad" system and telling us the "new" system is actually "freedom".   I think this is a big part of what they are doing by allowing us "Goy" to believe we are "Awake". It makes more sense as to why they would allow a film like "Zeitgeist" to be released and allow more and more people to see through the lies. Even giving us a president who says the system is rigged, but he's not part of it. It's great that more and more people are understanding the lies, but we are being deceived on a big level. 


  1. LoL! Anything but gematria! quite literally!
    Zeitgeist, perhaps the first attempt(Film) to expose the Federal Reserve System in detail, and the first to start the "out with the old" campaign. I'm thinking we might see more exposure of the FRS, with Bitcoin and E-currency waiting in the corner. New bamboozlement waiting for the "kinda awake".

  2. That's cause Jordan Maxwell is a Freemason shilling for The Long ��...

  3. I think It's funny how, the first time I ever talked to Russell "Jewberg" about Gematria, all he said was, "Everything is a microcosm." Which is true, but it struck me as odd that the guy who created a research group, didn't have anything more to discuss on the topic. Now this happens. The truth always comes out.

  4. I really don't care about credit but you guys are sharing that 678 week meme that appears to cite Zach Dan & Gematrinator as creators when that was me, as i'm still apparently the only guy running durations longer than a dozen months. I remember texting Zach that 678 long-count like two years ago, and the funny part to me is that you'll share this example but I never see any one else but me calculating the long ball... Despite nearly every one of my posts proving its veracity over and over. Again this isn't about citations to me, I have my ego mostly in check, but rather it's about making groundbreaking discoveries as a team in order to help people see the patterns.

    So forgive me if I've missed your posts where you work with the long counts like 678 week spans, but it's pretty ironic you getting blocked from some facebook group who isn't interested in what you're interested in when the three of you somehow all still refuse to play with the bigger numbers. Please correct me if i'm wrong, or let me know why you don't find it of value - because to me, just like that 678 that you love enough to share as a meme, the bigger the synch the more persuasive the evidence. And when we find things like, Princess Grace Kelly was killed when Queen Elizabeth was exactly 20,600 days old, well that seems to be a bit more compelling than if the two women shared a 26 birth numerology or something. But maybe that's just me.

  5. I'm sorry that I didn't write your name on it. I didn't have much space to write a bunch of links. I couldn't figure out how to make the pictures smaller and not distorted as I am not very skilled in using programs such as "Paint". I wasn't writing the names to Cite the source. I wrote them so someone may search for it and try and apply it with the calculator link. I don't know what you mean about not finding it of value? I've been sharing your blog on all of my videos in the description for a while now. I understand what you are showing, but I think it may be overwhelming for someone new. I'm glad that you are taking it to another level as we need that to happen. I've just been trying my best to keep it simple until we can get enough people to see the worth. If people understand it without doing the long count, then they will be able to understand what you are showing. It's hard enough to get people to understand using small numbers and less ciphers too. I'm sorry as I never meant any disrespect to you by that meme. Just because I'm not applying the long count it doesn't mean I don't see the value in what you are showing. You could also say it this way without using the Long Count..."Michael Jordan"=113, Kobe Bryant=113, Dear Basketball=113, Utah Jazz=113...Jordan's first retirement was on 10/6 which was 1 month 13 days after Kobe's bday. Jordan's second retirement was on 1/13. Kobe's birthday 8/23 to 1/13 is 143 days.(823 is the 143rd prime) "Retirement"=55, 127 and 143(reverse)....Kobe retired 55 days or 1 month 27 days after Jordan's bday. Jordan played 127 games with the Barons after retiring and his first game was 127 days before the MLB Strike. The Bulls Retired his Jersey 1 year 27 days after he retired. Jordan played baseball for 1 year 1 month 3 days. Jordan's bday to Kobe's is 6 months 6 days...Lakers=66, Bulls=66..... The 678 connection took up less space and faster to the point in this once again sorry and I hope you understand what I am saying.

    1. Absolutely why a long count like 678 is a more eloquent summary, and I guess the difference is that I've found people respond better to the larger perfect synch than smaller ones so I start big and work down instead of the other way around. It's not about my name not being on it, i don't care about that - i'm concerned that I seem to be the only one of us even looking for long counts.

      Personally if I were to share 113s for Jordan I'd say that he was 11,113 days old when his father was killed just as Kanye West was 11,113 days old when his mother was killed. Yeezus =113. Michael Jordan =113. Two of the most cited examples of "Blood Sacrifice for Fame" =113. Maybe throw in that "Eldrick Tiger Woods" =1182 was 11,082 days old when his father died.

      But again I don't care about the citation, just really curious why i'm still the only guy doing long counts when to me it's by far the most persuasive evidence simply because the bigger the number the harder it is to match thematically. I disagree with you and Zach that More Smaller numbers is less overwhelming or complicated than Fewer Bigger numbers, and i especially disagree with the method of associating any number with an apparent master code and nothing else in the event itself. Like saying 135 is the Key of David or some bullshit while only connecting one variable. To me that style is way more overwhelming and muddies the waters more than keeping it focused on the event variables themselves - which you are much better at than Zach who's apparently convinced himself his method is the only way forwards. But hey - to each their own!

      I just think it's weird that you and Zach both say the same thing that you find the long counts interesting but aren't going to be investigating them yourselves because it's too much for your audience to handle. All while Z talks about too many superfluous numbers that confuse his message and you seem to connect everything that happens in the news to a personal story - which is cool, but doesn't really seem to be the most persuasive method of objective deciphering, if as you say you're keeping your research simple for the audience.

      Again, I don't care how you guys do your thing, it's just weird to me that the aspect i find by far the most exciting and fascinating and persuasive of all this - the big long count (paired with gematria) - you guys aren't even attempting. Which is why it seems like you don't really see the value in it. Again, no disrespect taken by you not including my name, just curious why i'm the only one of us doing this when to me it's so clearly the strongest evidence of all.

      Plus so damn rewarding to find something like FRANCISCO =33 FRANCO =33 died at the age of exactly 30,300 days old. Elegant and simple. And shows how the patience game works to select a certain harmonic date for a certain harmonic event.

      But thanks for sharing link on your videos man! I haven't watched any youtube at all in over a year so i only see your blog. And instead of Paint to make memes try using to write on an image.