Sunday, December 17, 2017

Phineas and Ferb episode mentions "Dutch" and How to say Du Bois.

I just got home a bit ago and decided to look at the Indonesia Earthquake story and make a post. Just after I post it I took a break from the computer for a second and started watching the TV. Right as I started watching the TV the episode talked about some interesting things I've been documenting and have documented.  
The lady says it's Du Bois(prounced as Du Bwa) and the guy corrects her and says not it's Du Bois(Do Boys). He says it's because it's French and that's why it's pronounced that way. Then he tells that his partner isn't French, he is DUTCH. 

The reason this sticks out to me so much is because I made a video a while back where I was talking about W.E.B. Dubois and pronouncing it wrong. I thought it was pronounced the way I was saying it because it's French and also that's how google translate pronounced it. 
So now I randomly look up at the TV and a cartoon I've never watched before brings the same concept up. Also I've recently been mentioning the importance of "Dutch". 
I've been wondering if I'm supposed to understand something about "Pennsylvania Dutch" as I've been mentioning a lot about the Eagles and Steelers.....

Interesting too there is a game called "double dutch" and it's about a hard to understand language and changing the sounds of words....Similar to what I did with Du Bois....

The episode has a lot to do with "Water" as well....
Phineas and Ferb=68

Haha so I'm sitting here trying to figure it out and I see a commercial after the episode is over that's about "Dream Tents". We just had our family christmas earlier and Claire got a Unicorn Dream Tent from my parents. She loved it and is sleeping under it right now too. 
Dream Tent=415(satanic)
WEB Du Bois=415(satanic)

The Du Bois video I am talking about was uploaded on 2/ 305 days ago..or 10 months 2 days. 
I'll think about it more later. I'm too tired to keep looking at it right now. 

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