Sunday, December 24, 2017

Andrei Kirilenko's LA House Burns down-Kobe Bryant and Jeff Gordon (Du Pont) Retirement-Crimea Bridge

I love that they tell us his house was worth 5.5 million on the main page of CNN. 
Los Angeles=55
Hell on Earth.....
Hell on Earth=55

What's makes is even better is the fact that his house burnt down in the LA Fires.....Los Angeles is the City of Angels...

Notice too they spelled Los Angeles as Los Angles too. They also had to use ILLUMINATED. 

Interesting I just made the post about Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and mentioned his bday of 2/18 being significant to the NBA All Star game that is played on 2/18 in Los Angeles. 
Kirilenko also born on 2/18. 
Caldwell-Pope was the 8th pick in the draft. 
Kirilenko was the 24th pick in the draft...
Kobe Bean Bryant=81(rev red), 135
Eight Twenty Four=81
Scored 81 points in a game. 
Eighty One=135(reverse)
He played mostly for the Utah Jazz that Kobe finished his career against. 
They just retired Kobe's # 8 and # 24.

This story also comes 58 days before his bday and All Star Game in Los Angeles. 
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Kobe Bryant=58
Notice it's 1 month 27 days too. 
Retirement=55, 127
Kirilenko will turn 37 years old on 2/18....
Los Angeles=37

Thinking about 81....we had the 181 Amtrak supposedly going 81mph on the same day the jersey's were retired....compared to the Philadelphia Amtrak derailment that was connected to Pope Francis...
Francis turned 81 years old 81 days after the Jesuit Annivesary the day before. The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse on 8/1 that fell 81 feet. 
The Washington Amtrak derailment was near Du Pont...The reason this stands out to me is because when I was talking about all the 55 in regards to Kobe announcing his retirement it was connected to Jeff Gordon's retirement as well. Jeff Gordon known for driving the Du Pont...
Remember Kobe announced his retirement on the 333rd day of the year which was 33 days after the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. It was after the Pacers game, but also before the Lakers next game against Philadelphia. 
Kobe's Retirement Video
Interesting in the video I mentioned 75 a lot and it was before we knew reverse gematria. 
Seventy Five=55(rev red)

I guess I didn't talk about Jeff Gordon in that video and I can't find the video in which I did....Or possibly I just left a comment on Zach's blog or video at the time. I didn't have a blog back then...I see I talked about it in my Notepad though. 
I saw on Brother Berg's Blog earlier that  Du Pont means "From the Bridge". 
Gordon's final race was 143 days before Kobe's final game...
It's funny if you go back before I knew Gematria I was following something about the film Iron Man II and Jeff Gordon being the Iron Man of Nascar. This was just after the Boston Bombing with Tamerlane which means Iron Man...Anyway in Iron Man II electric ropes are used to stop the nascar race, and in 2013 a Nylon Camera Rope fell and hit Kyle Busch's car....Busch won the Sprint cup the year Gordon Retired....I swear there was something to do with Bridge in that too...maybe Bridgeport tires? I can't remember and I lost the papers I had all my notes on before I switched it to a computer.
Nylon Rope falls on Kyle Busch
It's funny I even brought this connection up around Super 50, which I keep saying how everything I notice lately seems to be connected to what I was talking about around this time. 
Possibly we will get a rematch of the Panthers Vs Patriots? I still like the Steelers due to the Bridge stuff, but it seems it's almost never directly connected like that. 

All of the Bridge Symbolism ties into Minneapolis where the Lakers originally from. In 2015 I kept mentioning the connections to the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia and how the Bridgewater shooting showed the Nascar guy death in Philadelphia and it said "Franklin Bridge Water" on the screen. 
Ha, and I just re-listened to that video and I talked about Jahlil Okafor going 108mph on the Ben Franklin Bridge. 

With Kirilenko being from Russia it also makes me think of this bridge. The Kerch Strait Bridge or Crimea Bridge. 
Putin is building a bridge to Crimea. 

It's not set to open for another year but we'll see what happens. 

I also didn't think about the Winter Olympics that Russia is banned from. They will be held the same time as the All Star Game. They begin on 2/9. 
Of course they bring up people can compete but won't be able to see the Russian Flag or listen to their National Anthem. 

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  1. Funny you should mention 143 and a pats-panthers rematch.
    Superbowl 38 was 14 years 3 days before SB 52.
    Panthers = 38. Minnesota = 38.
    Timberlake and P diddy were there too.
    That was the 84th season of the NFL.
    Superbowl fifty two = 84.
    Dan Rooney died aged 84.
    His 84th birthday came 80 weeks 4 days before SB 52.
    Steelers 84 years old.