Thursday, December 7, 2017

Chiefs Marcus Peters suspended for throwing "Flag" into the "Stands" Caught by Jews?-Pittsburgh The City of Bridges-Steelers-The Dark Knight Rises

Marcus Peters=50
Remember how they started off the season doing well going 5-0. 
Watch the clip above in the link. Just before Peters throws the flag the announcers say, "There gonna get Nelson for Holding". Then they zoom in on # 50 of the Chiefs for no reason...unless you understand Gematria. 

The penalty called on Steven Nelson who was born on 1/22. 
Kansas City=122

Also just think about everything I've been saying this year in regards to the NFL. It's synced up to the death of Charles Manson/Helter Skelter/Blacks Rising Up/Not Standing for the National Anthem to honor the Flag. 
Now Peters throws a "Flag" into the "STANDS"...It's absolutely hilarious if you are aware of the scripting in these games. 
If you don't understand what I just said...think about it...he throws the "Flag" into the STANDS.....The big controversy in the NFL is because people aren't STANDing for the Flag/National Anthem. 

Marcus Peters=166(reverse)

Remember in regards to Kansas City too. 
Harry S. Truman was the only president to die at the age of 88 and he died in Kansas City, Missouri...where Arrowhead Stadium is located. 
Kneel=88=Trump=Colin Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner=Great Garrison Flag=US Bank Stadium and so on...

Harry S Truman=176, 148(reverse)
Donald J Trump=148, 176(reverse)
Truman also the president when the Korean War began that lasted 3 years 1 months 2 days....This story/game of Peters throwing the flag happened on Dec. 3rd...3/12. (see previous posts in regards to 312).

Possibly nothing but I want to note that the guy who caught the flag in stands seems to be wearing Pittsburgh Steelers colors on his jacket. 
Chiefs had 31 points at the time....
Steelers=50(rev red)

Maybe I'm missing something but look at his buddies next to him as well. Are they wearing the Yamikas? Jews? 
New York Jets=60
Oakland Raiders=60
Donald Trump=60

How funny that they just announce Peters is suspended before the Oakland Raiders game...Notice he is from Oakland...
Think about Oakland in regards to the Flag/National Anthem stuff that began with Colin Kaepernick in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area. 
The Black Panthers founded in Oakland and so on...
He wears # 22...

Something I never knew before was that Pittsburgh is known as the "City of Bridges". How interesting in regards to what I have been saying about Philadelphia and the Ben Franklin Bridge...Also the Minnesota Bridge Collapse.....It would make a lot of sense but we will see. 
Thinking about Ben Roethlisberger too in regards to a big theme in the media of Sexual Allegations....Remember he supposedly raped some girls....Ben Rapelessberger....
Also remember the collapse in the Batman movie that involves the Steelers at the football game.....According to the film "Oblivion" 2017 is the last Super Bowl? Just some things to think about....
Dark Knight=103
Remember they blow up the "Bridges" in that Batman movie as it's fitting the Steelers were involved in the film. 
Christian Bale(Batman) is also in a lot of movies related to what I've recently documented. Winona Ryder got his a part in "Little Women". He was a voice in Pocahontas(Trump Navajo's), He was also in 3:10 to Yuma...
Yamaka=52, 443(Jewish)
443 is the 86th prime number. 
The Batman main player is # 86 Hines Ward...
Hines Ward=52(rev red)

There has to be more to "Bane" as he's the "bad" guy but really "Good" guy in the film...

Another interesting thing is the Marcus Peters play happened with 2:15 left in the game...
Benjamin Roethlisberger=215
The Dark Knight=215(reverse)...the film is DK Rises though...


  1. Look into Tom Hardy, the guy who played Bane, he is a very good actor. He usually plays Christ-like figures, revolutionary leaders who are sometimes sacrificed for the greater good. He was also Mad Max in Fury Road, which is 100% a retelling of the Creation story/Fall of Lucifer/and Jesus Christ stories from Christian mythology. It would be easier to explain if you had seen it, but basically Mad Max is an inverted Jesus, Charlize Theron's character is a female Lucifer, and the Immolation Joe character is an evil God.

  2. Steelers were featured in the movie Black Sunday about a blimp used as a bomb at the SB between Cowboys Steelers. Also Tom Hardy is an occultic show that is phenomenal called Taboo.