Thursday, December 21, 2017

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Serving 25 Day Jail Sentence-Pope Francis-2018 NBA All Star Game

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope=117(rev red) also 261. 
Jail Sentence=117
25 day jail sentence. 

The original arrest was after a Detroit Pistons on 3/28 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. 
Interesting "Los Angeles"=328(Jewish)
He was actually arrested on 3/29 early morning though. 

Pulled over around 2:50am for speeding in a 25mph zone. Now he has to serve 25 days in jail. It was also after his Detroit Pistons team lost to the Miami who who scored 97 points. 
25th prime is 97. 

Ha, he even scored 25 points in that game. 

This story comes 59 days before his 25th bday. 
Pope Francis=59, and 58(rev red)
Los Angeles Lakers=58

Detroit Pistons=175(reverse)
Los Angeles Lakers=175
Pope Francis=175(reverse)

Auburn Hills, Michigan=312(reverse)
Remember all the 312 in regards to the Jesuits. 

This story also comes the day after the Lakers defeated the Houston Rockets keeping them on 25 wins. 
Houston Rockets=59 and 175(reverse)
Also before this the Lakers lost to the Golden State Warriors and had the Kobe Bryant jersey retirement. 
Golden State=175
The Lakers also play Golden State again tomorrow on 12/22. The Warriors will be going into the game with 25 wins..(25-6). 
The Lakers beat the Rockets 122-116....
Golden State=122
Pope Francis=122...named after Francis of Assissi just like 
San Francisco=122
The night before the Lakers lost to the Warriors who scored 116 points too. 
If Golden state wins tomorrow it will make them 26-6...
Pope Francis the 266th Pope. If they lose they stay on 25 wins becoming 25-7

Notice his 25th game of the season this year was also the game against the Warriors. He didn't play against Houston the next game, so he was still on 25 games. 
Interesting how he didn't play the game before against Cleveland, then they played GS and then he didn't play against Houston. 
Will we get Cleveland vs Houston in the Finals? 

The reason Golden State stands out to me is that if he doesn't serve his 25 days he will have to go to jail for 93 days in Oakland County, Michigan. 
Oakland, California is where the Warriors play. 
Oracle Arena=93
Durant born on 9/29 that leaves 93 days in the year. 
Caldwell-Pope born in 93'. 
Golden State Warriors=117(rev red)
Jail Sentence=117
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope=117(rev red)

Notice the NBA All Star Game is in Los Angeles and also on Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's 25th birthday. 

His bday is 3 months 13 days before the NBA Finals begin this year. 
Oakland, California=313(reverse)
Pope Francis became the pope on 3/13. 
Edict of Milan protecting Christians made in 313AD. 
Six Hundred Three Score and Six=313
Trump's bday is 3 months 13 days before Jesuit anniversary...
3/13 is 6 months 14 days before Jesuit anniversary. 
Francis' 1,189th day as Pope was on Trump's 70th bday...
Donald J. Trump=1,189(Jewish)
1,189 chapters in the KJV...
Kevin Durant=1,189(Jewish)
3/13 to 6/14 is 93 days. 

May 31st is the 151st day. 
Jesus Christ=151
2/18 leaves 316 days in the year. 
Jesus Christ=316(Hebrew)

Pence=25..also 218(satanic)

How fitting too that Chris Paul gets hurt against the Lakers and and now won't play against his former team the Clippers. He leaves LA to Houston...we get LA and Houston in the World Series. Now he gets hurt against LA before playing his former LA team. 

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