Saturday, December 2, 2017

Frost seems to the be the Theme Today-Super Frost Moon-1/31/2018 Blood Moon the first Total Lunar Eclipse since 2015.

So I wake up today and see my girlfriend texts me about moving a dresser from grandma's house later today. Then I get on Facebook and the first trending article is about the Super "Frost" Moon that is coming. Notice it's an article out of Philadelphia too. 
There seems to be something in connection to the Moon and Earthquakes that I've documented over the years. 
Super Moon=44=Earthquake

So I go up town and talk to my girlfriend working at the gas station about moving the dresser. She said it's because my Aunt said it's supposed to "Frost" this weekend.....Which I don't see why that matters in regards to moving a dresser lol? Now I'm home again and see that Facebook trends have changed. It still has the Frost Moon article, but now just below it is an article about Scott FROST. 
Frost=24, 30(rev red), 78, 57(reverse)
Frost also is 253(satanic) and 326(Jewish)
Both interesting as 326 what I've dubbed the "Gabriel" number. It has been around a lot but I haven't been documenting it lately for some reason. I also keep getting spammed on that 1 particular post from 3/26. It stopped for a while and is now, but I've noticed the spamming starting again on it lately.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=253

Interesting this Super Moon is the first of 3 in the next 2 months. Notice the 1/31 Moon is a Blue Moon that occurs during a Total Lunar Eclipse as well. 
This is just before the Super Bowl...
Super bowl=131

The 1/31 Super Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse will be the first Total Lunar Eclipse(Blood Moon) since the famous 4 Blood Moons of the Tetrad in 2014-2015. Remember the final one was later in the night after Pope Francis left Philadelphia. 
Remember Pope Francis gave a speech on Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Lectern. 
Lincoln killed with a Philadelphia Derringer. 

I'll look more at this later. I've got to go DJ for some Christmas thing in a bit. 


  1. Hey Dan, you need to do some research on the future sacrifice of Elton John, he has been in the media scene recently with the Masonic movie 'Kingsmen 2' as himself and I feel it's one of your theme logic connections to other things that you would understand deeper. Check this out, he was born on 25th of March or 25/3 like (253) or 3/25 like (325)
    That's the 84th day of the year so there is a red flag
    He released a new album 'Diamonds' just recently on November 10 or 11/10 like (111) or 10/11 (111) It was announced today during a tribute to Elton John on Classic rock station on radio here in California in the morning, there was also previous interviews in between music by him and it was a block of his music.
    If you measure from his birthday to today December 3rd or 12/3 (123) its 253 days or 25/3 his birthday
    Measure from last 70th birthday to album release and its 7 months, 2 weeks and 2 days or (722) a Pi reference maybe. Another red flag, its also 230 days
    He is 70 years old, If you measure 70 days from his album release you get January 19th 2018 or 1/19 (119) so another red flag
    Measure from release date to 2/18 Zenith's, fav number relating to time, and its 100 days or 14 weeks, 2 days (142) or 3 months, 38 days (38) or 3 months, 1 week, 1 day (311)
    If you measure 3/25 his birthday to 2/18 its exactly 330 days (33) Let me know what you think. Check out my blog, its a Gematria Database of research, words sum correlations and event timeline numerology correlations. I feel if you went through it you would understand more than most what I'm trying to do, document all this info so it can be graphed to show the patterns that are undeniable. Thanks here is the link to my blog leave comments if you decide to venture there please:)

  2. Scott Frost = 38. 61. 155.
    Announced Nebraska head coach 333 days since 42nd birthday.
    Philadelphia Eagles = 333
    Minnesota = 38
    U.S. Bank Stadium = 155
    Named head coach on 336th day.
    Philadelphia Eagles = 336