Monday, December 18, 2017

Amtrak Derailment in Washington after I a chain of events led me to mention the Philadelphia Amtrak to my girlfriend last night

This story really sticks out to me as just last night I brought up the Philadelphia Train Wreck to my girlfriend. 
I was telling her how on Saturday my mom was given a "Shirt Pillow" made from my Uncle Mike's shirts. I was mentioning it because it's been a long time since he died. I told her I remember the day he died because it was the same day as the Philadelphia Amtrak Derailment on 5/12/15. 
Michael Murphy=64(rev red) His bday was 6/4 as well. 
Shirt Pillow=62, and 64(rev red)
Pierce County=64, 62(rev red)
Pierce County, Washington=112(rev red), 310(reverse)
Michael Patrick Murphy=112(rev red), 310(reverse)

Talk about some clues....

To make it even crazier I was telling her about it because my mom got that pillow at my girlfriends Baby Shower. 
Jasmine Cowgill=152 also 62, 82(rev red)
Baby Shower=152
Michael Murphy=152(reverse)
Our babies due date is 62 days after my girlfriends bday. 

I also just discovered last night in regards to my mom..
I was born in 82' and it was 82 days before her birthday. (11-10 to 1-30). 
Ann Kathleen Murphy=82(rev red)(maiden name)
Ann Kathleen Behrendt=82

Just documenting but the Graffiti of "Labrat Knats" makes me think of "Pinky" and the Brain. Although they are Mice, it just reminds me of that show as I've documented a few things about it. Just putting this in here so I don't forget in case it becomes significant. 
Fingerling-Pinky.....The Brain.....

Train 501?  with 78 passengers.
Five Hundred One=78, 66(rev red)
Amtrak Derailment=66

It says Train 501 but on all the pictures it has "181" on the train. 
181 the 42nd prime number. 
Washington the 42nd state...
Funny the Seahawks just lost to the Rams who scored 42 points on them too. 

Something I've been thinking about too is that an overpass is similar to a Bridge. 

Also interesting that I got a comment on my Gabe Rygaard video a few days ago. It was the first comment in 5 months...Just interesting as he's died in Washington....
Gabe Rygaard=64(rev red)


  1. Hey Dan, this happened 33 months 3 days after the release 3/15/15 of the movie trainwreck. 77 passengers 7 crew. happened at 7:33. the local video streams are as bad as they get

  2. The death of Cardinal Law and synchronicity

    Came home from the grocery store and Liz was watching the Santa clause 2, i was about to turn it off when i saw that Santa clause was engaged in a game of tinsel-ball. I had just been trying to decode this billboard i saw of NIck Foles in a Santa hat with #stnick and #flyeaglesfly and #gobirds.
    St nick = 22, 41, 86( like the age Cardinal law died)
    Fly Eagles fly = 54, 135
    Go Birds = 38, 43,74, 115
    Archbishop Law = 135
    So i saw St. Nick playing football, as the quarterback. This was after i had listened to dan behrent talk about synchronicity for a half hour. Then i saw this story about cardinal law.

    This guy had to do with the Catholic Church's cover up of sexually abusive priests. The film spotlight is all about how Boston Globe reporters figured it out. 87 priests accused. Priest = 87
    Eighty seven = 51(like Rome where law died), 114(like Law's DOB)
    Bernard Francis Law = 78 (the reflection of 87), 111 (like 1/11 the date he was named Archbishop of Boston)
    Spotlight = 45, 126
    Boston Globe = 45, 126, 117
    Archbishop emeritus of boston = 126
    Eighty six = 54, 45, 126, 117 (damn)
    Cardinal Law dies at the age of 86, guess they got rid of him. He dies on Dec 20, 2017 . Leaves 11 days in the year.
    Christmas time = 58, 86

    He is made Archbishop of Boston on Jan 11, 1984 the 11th day of the year. Has 115, and 106 numerology.
    Archbishop of Boston = 88
    Eighty = 88, 74, 38
    Catholic = 35
    Cardinal = 35
    Bernard = 35
    Saturnalia = 35

    He is installed on march 23, 1984, the 83rd day of the year.
    Has 111, and 38 numerology.
    Bernard Francis Law = 111
    According to the wikipedia article 58 priests had signed a letter calling for his resignation.
    Freemasonry = 58
    Pope Francis = 58
    His eminence = 58
    Saint Francis = 133( like march 13 the day pope Francis took the title)
    San Francisco = 112 (like Super Bowl)
    Sean O'Malley = 58, 122.
    Sean O'Malley is the guy who replaced law as the archbishop of boston.

    I did a decode on the death of Kate Steinle which happened San Francisco, then the Mayor of SF Ed Lee died recently. I watched the tv show 'shameless' earlier and the father Frank changed his name back to Francis. And in that show 'Godless' the antagonists name is frank. Ive been noticing Francis a lot lately. Can't forget that in House of cards the President is Francis Underwood. Gotta be Frank- i think that means blunt and honest. I get high and tell the truth all the time you don't see me asking to be called Francis. Thought of the saying let me be frank - ok then ill be Ernest. Then thought of the Ernest movies and Ernest saves Christmas, looked up the main actors name
    Jim Varney - 45, 54, 117, 126
    Eighty six = 54, 45, 126, 117
    Hm. He's already dead , 2/10/2000

    Straight outta wiki -

    "In the mid-1980s, Law chaired the bishops' Committee on Pastoral Research and Practices at the time it distributed a report on Freemasonry.[7] The bishops' report concluded that "the principles and basic rituals of Masonry embody a naturalistic religion, active participation in which is incompatible with Christian faith and practice".[5]"

    So Law wasn't down with the freemasons. Hm.
    His motto was -to live is Christ.
    To live is Christ = 188, 71
    Catholic = 71
    Bavarian illuminati = 188, 80 (like his age when he resigned)
    He resigned on Dec 13, 2002. 39 days after his birthday.
    Priest = 39
    Geoghan = 39
    Geoghan is a priest/pederast who raped or molested 130 kids. At one time Law was one of 13 American

    Another wiki quote -
    "After initially agreeing to a $30 million settlement with 86 of Geoghan's victims, the Boston archdiocese pulled out of it, finally settling with them for $10 million.[8]"

    Eighty six = 45, 117
    Thirteen = 45 , 117
    Christ =77
    Boston - 77
    Pope john Paul ii = 77
    Thirty million = 77

    Not sure what im looking at here, but ill keep looking at this magic eye fractal number thing.