Monday, December 4, 2017

Missing Lincoln Woman Sidney Loofe

This story has been really popular in the Omaha/Lincoln area lately. I keep seeing it on Facebook. I guess this girl named Sydney Loofe is missing. 
Sydney Loofe=55, 145
Lincoln Woman=55, 145
Nebraska=55(rev red), 145(reverse)
One of the people of interest in the case is 51 year old Aubrey Trail. 
Aubrey Trail=51

The other person of interest is Bailey Boswell. She went on dates after meeting Loofe on Tinder. Boswell used the name "Audrey" on Tinder though. 
Tinder=34 and 38
Audrey=34(rev red) and 38
Lincoln=34 and 38(rev red)
Scott Frost=38(rev red)
Murder=38(rev red)

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